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  1. BS. I have a relative in my wife's extended family who boasts earning 50k a month in Phuket and 100k a month in Korea and Japan half the year. Yet her children don't go on the school bus to the city school; they stay in the free village school and are illiterate at Primary 6. Also, stunted growth. The Primary 6 boy is the size of an ordinary Primary 3 girl. Almost every tooth rotten. And, I think one has autism yet nobody wants to check it out. She rarely comminicates at all and she like 7 years old. Her brother is 10-11 and totally illiterate. Y
  2. Just trade her in for a younger model and starr drinking full fat milk again. No problem.
  3. How did you manage to take the premise, travel in time with it, then present it back looking like a katoey? I don't even know how to address this with you. Wait til I finish my <deleted>
  4. What does it taste like? I have always been out off craft beers cos I am afraid it'll taste like flowers.
  5. Right now, school kids from 10 up (actually the cut off age is 9 and 6 months) are getting Sinopharm. Yet...just a few weeks ago it still wasn't approved by FDA due to lack of data. https://www.nationthailand.com/in-focus/40006431
  6. Just wondering what your favourite beer is? Most farang I know drink Chang. Most Thai drink Leo. I know some who stick to Heineken or SanMig Light. I have met a few loyal Archa drinkers out in Isaan. I only included the most common beers found in the bars here (or mom n pop shops for our rural members). I know in the stores you can buy a wider range, including craft beers nowadays, but I decided to stick with the typical beers served in bars usually.
  7. As the title says: what's your top 5 TV shows of all time? Mine are: 1. Curb your Enthusiasm 2. Breaking Bad 3. Frasier 4. Deadliest Catch 5. Game of Thrones
  8. That's a good reason for the parents to be vaccinated, not the children. Your logic is nonexistent.
  9. They are this when vaccinated too. Adults are this when vaccinated too. The vaccines don't stop us getting covid and transmitting it. They don't stop the virus mutating either. The vaccines simply help our own body fight it so that we experience mild symptoms, rather than death.
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