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  1. I tried many times to connect to every posts just being cut of and getting nothing this site is going downhill every since it changed to the new website
  2. What a nonsense, even vaccinated people can catch the virus and pass it on, vaccination only stops you from getting seriously ill. I am not vaccinated yet and no I am not an anti vaccer I get my flu shot every year I just could not get the vaccine for medical and personal reasons as yet does that make me an outcast?
  3. Just to add to this, Perth WA, raised 62 million dollars for handicapped kids just in 1 year How much has Telethon raised 2021? Telethon 2021 has smashed a fundraising record with more than $62 million raised for sick children. Donations poured in over the past week, with some big cheques ensuring a major milestone was met
  4. So maybe this is the wrong place to post this I just wonder if Thailand has controls about food in restaurants I mean quality and cleanliness of foods https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/court-justice/perth-eatery-arirang-korean-bbq-restaurant-and-cafe-convicted-again-over-food-safety-breaches-ng-b882038405z
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