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  1. I know how you feel I got broken in to my house or factory 6 times in 3 years
  2. Where I live we have a legal big casino including 5 star hotel and I guess 90% of gamblers are Asians
  3. Agree I went back home a few years ago and I am happier than I was ever in Thailand. Get a decent pension, rent assistant, electric assistant, cheap travel, free medical and hospital,no need for health insurance, I can buy 5 liters of red wine for about 300 baht, food is not much dearer than in Thailand don't go to restaurants very often and if I do I go to Chinese or Indian restaurants which cost me only 300-400 baht I still go to Thailand for holidays because I have friends there but would never move back permanently. Don't have any hassles over here with visas or reporting and my Thai wife
  4. So if you are fat and have diabetes you can pass it on to someone else? What a joke.
  5. If yo would live in Australia I would say any doctor surgery,hospital,Supermarket or hardware store
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