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  1. Never mind the country of origin, just give me a plate of bangers and mash, smothered in tomato sauce. An absolute culinary masterpiece..... (see how my taste buds have gone to pot in my old age??)
  2. Good for sterilising, use it on cuts and sores, great if you ever get an ingrown toenail, watch it fizz.. Recommended for dissolving excess wax in your ears. (diluted) Use it quite a lot round the house, on the dogs/ cats when they get into fights. to clean their wounds. Most pharmacies stock half litre bottles.
  3. A cop lives not far from our house, mans a bloody idiot, I wouldnt employ him to clean my toilet, even when hes sober. which isnt often. The sad part is, he actually believes hes superior to everyone around here.
  4. Wasted 40 years of my life, most of it a job I didnt particularly like, but paid well, Retired 25 years now and its been the best time ever, do what I want, when I want, how I want, with the wifes permission of course.
  5. At least Pedro didnt marry a single mum bar girl, his partners a ladyboy.
  6. At last common sense prevailed against the Colonel Blimps and Admiral Disasters in Australia and someone had the guts to scrap that obscene French contract. You do realise the original contract price, in 2016 was $60 billion Australian dollars, by 2021, with not a single sub even begun, the price had grown to $90 billion Australian, with the last of 6 submarines to be delivered in 35,,, yes 35 years from now.. Dont rush Frenchie, we arent in any great hurry????
  7. Thats strange, seeing as how I dropped out of two other "forums" , actually bitch clubs, to join up here. I find it the best by far, especially the Real Estate section, or rather the sub headings there, for advice, help and assistance for work around the house.. To each his own I suppose.
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