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  1. Have had an LG 15 kg load twin tub for 12 years. Just had gears replaced, cost 1200 baht. Only fault is water discharge is slow, otherwise excellent. Top loaders, and tumble washers take, on the average 1 hour per cycle. As we do up to 4 loads at a time, 4 hours washing clothes is not an option. A mate has an automatic top loader, to save time his missus justs loads all the wash in, for one lot. Has every a nice shade of grey in the clothing department now.
  2. Only 5 hotels, plus a shopping mall and others,,, oh good, just pump all that effluent into that pristine water out the front, because the sewerage system isnt working, that will please all those tourists.
  3. Thai time is usually expressed in the one word style....."later"
  4. World wide, most , not all, large corporations are owned or at least controlled by outside agencies located in another country, with the majority of shareholders being foreign institutions or global superannuation funds and similar.
  5. Have had an LG 15 kg load twin tub for 12 years. Just had gears replaced, cost 1200 baht. Only fault is water discharge is slow, otherwise excellent.
  6. Dan Kwian pottery markets have many. Forget the exact price, but somewhere around 500 baht, I think. Dan Kwian is on Highway 224, , south, between Korat and Chok Chai lies Dan Kwian. all along the road thru the village are many pottery works.
  7. Not for me of course, was asking for a mate, he has bad dandruff and had got in touch with a local hospital here, till I told him of Jackd's post.. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  8. Know of one case, guy came here some 9 years ago, single, met a local girl, she had 2 kids from former hubbie. Married her. She had nice house, he did a lot of work around the place, bought car etc, took them all on numerous holidays Thailand and overseas, and back to his country. Just preferred back home, could see a better future for her kids, as his missus and kids obviously did as well, back there some time now. All very settled and happy. Me, been here many years now, relatively happy, wouldnt mind going home, permanently, gloss has worn off long ago, but
  9. I forgot the most straight forward news, Im sure my mate, who lives not far from me here wont mind. He worked until he was 67 years of age, Born and lived all his life in OZ. Didnt know about the (then scheme) that he could have claimed a benefit payment for those who continued working past the then 65 years retirement age, so missed out on about $3000. However, retired, at 67 as I said,, the retirement age then being 65. Made application for the Age pension, got supplied with a Customer Reference Number (CRN as its called). Travelled from the
  10. If you return to Oz, and you are of age to receive the OAP, your first payment will be backdated from the date you lodged your application, as it may take some time to process same. Unfortunately , if you decide to then leave Oz, for a period longer than 6 weeks, your total pension will cease (you would have to re apply if you should return.) It is a fact, as several mates of mine have found out, once granted it is NOT portable, that is able to be paid to You overseas, until you have completed 2 years residency in OZ. That doesnt have to be in one stretch
  11. Hey Moonlover, you may, by chance , have noticed I used the word ""unannounced visit:" in my original story.. Scott Morrison confirmed this by "announcing"" thought the visit was known beforehand, the government chose not to "announce it"" to the public.. Got the fact right now??
  12. Not many customers, profits down??? do the usual Thai thing, increase your prices.
  13. Please dont knock it. I have the sole contract to supply the "Sacred" Thai army, the Royal Thai Police, and all parliamentarians, with several thousands of gallons of black hair dye each month . Its a nice little money earner for me, and Im now negotiating to get all the school teachers on board... Im also working on the supply of girdles to all those fat little generals.
  14. And if, by some chance, you should just "happen" to find the odd banknote,, stuffed in a brown envelope ,, in your pocket, you are instructed to hand it into your superior immediately.
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