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  1. My friend has scared lungs and can no longer exercise. I could list lots of people I know who are suffering from long covid. I'll do my best to avoid getting sick.
  2. Fair call. Unless you want to travel. Then you might be SOL.
  3. That's your personal experience and at odds with thousands of others who had a tough time getting Covid. Not to mention long Covid.
  4. We got our pfizer booster free. Our previous 2 jabs were over 6 months ago Follow Richard Barrow. Or the MOPH's Facebook page
  5. Not so sure about that. Doubt it would have been as easy to wire a few million USD. took us a fair amount of time just to do this amount.
  6. Sorry for posting too fast and not to your liking. I've only got an undergrad with majors in accounting and economics and a masters in corporate finance. Both degrees with honors.
  7. Reported numbers are all low. As confirmed by pretty much every nation. Talk about mathematically challenged. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/feb/10/africa-transitioning-out-of-pandemic-phase-of-covid-who-says Moeti also said the number of Covid infections in Africa could be seven times higher than official data suggests, and deaths from the virus two to three times higher.
  8. To be honest. I'm just happy to get the money out easily! I did check the exchange rates. Not the best but not terrible. I registered with Deemoney. Just didn't feel comfortable with such a large amount.
  9. I don't buy Apple products, but do get the best available from Samsung. Always top of the line, and always very satisfied. Why? Display is great, camera is first class, speed is great, easy connectivity, etc, etc, etc. I could care less what others think. But for a bit more money, its a world of difference. I tried a cheap phone 6 years ago. Lasted a week with it and gave it away. Can't wait for the new Samsung line up to be released! Just a few weeks now. They're looking awesome.
  10. I was with a friend last night who had Delta in late December. Her lungs are scarred and she has a hard time breathing. She use to exercise every day, but can't now. I've heard this same story from many friends. I'll avoid Covid to the best of my ability.
  11. I've been a real estate investor for many decades. I've seen several bubbles and several busts. Lost my ass in the 2008 bust, but made a mint in the years before it. Just spoke with my partner in Vegas. She said the same thing. Just wait. Prices will come down, especially as interest rates go up.
  12. Sorry, $300k USD. I wasn't worried about $50k. But $300k worried me. Luckily, it worked out. Money's in the bank!
  13. Inflation in december was 7%. Numbers are out tomorrow and they're expecting it to me higher! Ouch!!
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