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  1. They are right, I agree. An epidemic will cycle up and down in a population. It infects pockets of areas like weed seeds. Once there is sufficient penetration of those pockets the numbers go down and then it seeds a new pocket. Antibody life is not that important. The exposure or the vaccine sensitizes the T cells. Then upon re-exposure the T-cells turn on and tell the B-cells to start making antibodies again. Every vaccine does this. Take hepatitis B vaccine for instance. After the required does of vaccine, the antibodies disappear. Currently, it is not recommended to ever get a boo
  2. Did you mean to say the possibility of foreigners coming in to the country and catching COVID? I was just wondering if that was a misprint. At 15,000 new cases each day, it must show that there is abundant disease to spread from within the country already.
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