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  1. Friend just arrived from USA this past Wednesday night, ASQ at a hotel near Erawan Square now, Thai wife and half-baby 12yo. Purchased 1 Liter of booze for each carryon from duty free at stopover in Korea. So he got 3 liters in and they never asked anything. However, when walking all their luggage out through Customs, the Thai family behind them got pulled to the side. Of course he couldn't stick around to see what happened to them LOL. He also tested out having a friend bring them food from outside the hotel. It worked. We reckon a couple beers could be hidden in a food pa
  2. Does this government even LOOK at current science on COVID spreading? The US Ambassador was just this morning going on about how the USA actually has a BRANCH of our CDC here in Thailand... The same CDC that in APRIL this year released a paper showing that you have a ONE in TEN THOUSAND chance of contracting covid every time you touch a contaminated surface. In short, you basically cannot get it from touching things! Cleaning surfaces just wastes time, resources and destroys our bodies ability to build a strong immune response to all the OTHER microorganisms we are exposed to constantly.
  3. Sorry for your luck... But, you gotta admire the business acumen of these private hospitals. THAT is a seriously awesome bait-n-switch play! Even the Thais fell for it! I'm registered for Moderna from the VP of the company I work with. 4th quarter they say. I'm not holding my breath... I did order extra SCUBA tanks, though! Despite this place giving me a great life, supplying me with ample income and a great career that I truly love, I am getting truckin' tired of all of this. Rest of the world is getting better, we're getting worse.
  4. Right! I was just planning to sit down and have a friendly chat, that's all... there's no way any other nefarious things could occur as prostitution is both illegal AND as such, none has ever been found here!
  5. According to the article, in Chonburi we can only drink if we are alone! "...gatherings of over five people are forbidden (and over one person around alcohol), and a variety of other Covid-19 related rules and restrictions in the Pattaya area." So... sitting in my 'Luxury' (HA!) condo, overlooking the ocean, I must kick my girlfriend out first before I can have a beer. I suppose that while she was kicked out, and after I finished the beer, I could get a quick visit from a sow sow on TF, though... maybe I should start following this rule!
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