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  1. My experience must be the exception then. I had previously booked the 14 day package prior to it changing to 7 days. My ASQ (SHA+ hotel) in Bangkok pro-actively contacted me to change to the 7 Day Package and organise the refund / international transfer back to my UK bank account. Very impressed and amount refunded was very fair. The small print does make it clear that there would be a charge of 1000 THB for any refund! Apart from that, all good!
  2. An additional £25 in Scotland & £125 for the RT-PCR test. There are cheaper options (C. £75-85) but this was the closest / most convenient to meet my timescales.
  3. Carrbhoy


    Just trying to point out that your earlier post doesn't reflect the reality on the ground within all nations of the UK hence why I pointed out that the issue lies solely in England. Jump on a train, bus or into a taxi and I can guarantee that the vast vast majority of people will comply with the laws and regulations for Scotland and will be wearing a mask. Don't expect the taxi to move if your not. Go into a shopping centre, supermarket etc it will be the same. Compliance is high. You may feel it is your rite of passage (I assume that is what you meant) and I would have
  4. Carrbhoy


    You mean England not UK. England.
  5. The ASQ in Bangkok is in a SHA+ hotel which is why I said what I said. Glad we cleared it up!
  6. We are at cross purposes somehow. I’m doing ASQ 7 days on arrival on the 22nd October in Bangkok at an SHA+ hotel. My CoE was issued by The Thai embassy in London.
  7. I arrive into Bangkok 22nd October. Flights, Insurance, PCR test, SHA+ package & condo deposit 1 month all paid out weeks ago so no point cancelling. Just need to take the hit!
  8. If I was you, I would be contacting the SHA+ you have booked and ask them to move you to the 1 Day Package and request a refund for the previous reservation. Once confirmed, I would follow the Thailand Pass process when available for your 12th Nov trip. You have plenty of time, why take any chances and secure your refund in the meantime. Words from someone who is travelling on 21st Oct and doing 7 Day SHA+ in Bangkok!! Probably one of the last but had to make plans and who knew when they would eventually move to No Quarantine! The joys.....
  9. I've bought a small hip flask and was going to do the same but with some nice rum from duty free. Use it during my twice weekly trip to the 'pub' whilst watching live sport and playing a few games of pool for a few hours. I'll keep the green tea trick in hand if my regular trips to the toilet for a sip from my hip flask raise eyebrows!
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