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  1. ha. I like the upside-down experiment … often thought that’s how I’ve been operating for a while now … Seriously fascinating though … how for example the brain figures out what a sharp image is. I’ll add this topic to a very long list of stuff to research further. Thanks.
  2. Hmm sounds like your cloudy vision gave you a silver lining Yup, South Coast generally is hard to beat but I reckon we’ve both got lucky in places to live!
  3. Wow 3 months is remarkable, I’m in NSW too, between Nowra and Woolongong and lots of hospitals and told to expect 1 year+ wait. Can I ask where in NSW you are? I may move.
  4. That’s probably the best advice when it comes down to lens selection etc. but thanks to all who have contributed experiences and particularly details of prices … that local knowledge is invaluable. I’m inclined to avoid the extra risk of multifocal cataract lenses after reading some of those comments … I have no problem continuing to use multifocal glasses after any op. I find it actually a benefit using specs dealing with some people … take them off and it’s nice the other person gets fuzzier … Still curious how the multifocal implanted lens works though …
  5. Good idea to load the laptop up with porn too … the grubbier the better.
  6. I'm stuck in Australia for a while and on a lengthy (18 months!) public waiting list for cataract surgery - likely i'll have relocated to Thailand before my turn comes up so maybe i'll need to get the job done privately in Thailand. Can see plenty of online teaser ads from Thai clinics stating 'from $x' and 'as low as $y' and the like. More interested to hear from anyone who has had this op done in Thailand recently ... particularly in Bangkok, Changmai or Uttaradit ... and of course what the actual costs were. I'll be paying for everything myself - no insur
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