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  1. Make the THC totally legal as it is actually defacto: I buy it online and smoke it daily, make me very high, so why not making it official ?
  2. you are so sure about your country laws that you never tell where you come from. Maybe scare to discover that you are so wrong ? how could a law make it forbidden to drive someone else car when correctly insured ? it seems impossible and I am sure it is.
  3. it seems that we have a great virologist here, who know exactly what a 1 year old vaccine will do to human body after 5 to 10 years...
  4. when someone is asking a mattress it means that he knows that he wants a mattress, not a topper... some people are able to have an opinion and know that it's correct...
  5. I can see only one way of thinking here... exactly the same BS as on most maintream media. You should hide yourself in a hole.
  6. Dont you know how he perfectly knows what he wants to do and manage his life ?! Just check his nickname and you will find more...
  7. hi, i need a temporarily light mattress that can be removed easily, but better than the standard thai thin mattress. I know about coconut or polyurethane but cannot find them online. what do you think is best ? coconut or polyurethane ? or do you know anything else that is light to carry and move ? thanks a lot
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