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  1. https://townhall.com/columnists/ianhaworth/2019/12/02/angela-merkel-and-german-freedom-of-speech-n2557309
  2. I am dreading returning to UK. I have enough money, nice place, a community but the daily news of filthy fecal polluted water, ferocious crime, energy bills, bent and useless police , the extreme woke politics silencing common sense and decency - and the weather. Thank goodness I can stay here indefinitely. I feel sorry for my friends and family I'm UK
  3. None of the above apart from booze worked for me.
  4. If you are not sleeping you don't need to sleep! Enjoy your freedom, go out, read a book, watch a TV series etc etc Enjoy yourself. Or try sleeping pills there are some strong non addictive anti histamines that knock you out
  5. Those who campaign on certain issues are sidelined, denigrated, banned, labelled and silenced and the best example of this is suppression of dissent and the discussion about Islamic immigration, misogyny, streetcrime, harassment and a whole host of ills. In particular the voice of German girls and women has been silenced.
  6. People wear masks in Asia especially inbthe Flu season so do smart foreigners. "The white is right" entitled white men shout loudest against local culture and customs so why not go back to home country and stop making problems here.
  7. I hope they close your account.
  8. Yeah but taboo to discuss on this forum. Good news only on home country forums so nothing to read there. LOL
  9. Yep - Broken Britain and its not just the Energy bills. The ferocious violence is so bad its an epidemic and have you read about all the human faeces being poured into rivers, lakes and the sea,? Its vile.
  10. 'this despite me having followed the original events quite closely. ' I don't understand.
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