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  1. New Gold Mountain set in the Australian gold fields, gold rush...Chinese community...racial tensions murder..historical drama has great potential but ultimately does nothing and goes nowhere. 4 episodes...
  2. Artificial casting, done for reasons of promoting left wing liberal views interfere with the narrative flow and prevent 'suspension of disbelief'. PC casting is wrong, patronising and insulting. Far from showing historical accuracy it actually demonstrates a left wing aspirational future.
  3. I know they do but the suggestion was to look at the 'workshops' and factories were the work is being done. Please read the thread. Workshops just have people hunched over whirring sowing machines not completed items ready to wear.
  4. "in this country nothing is happening without someone putting something in their pockets..." I thought you were talking about Britain for a moment!
  5. The term 'resident' is riddled with different meanings and legal interpretations. Just witness the UK system introduced around 2015 to help people understand their 'residental' status
  6. That's not fair!! You are talking about your actual experience not baseless, I'll informed speculation. HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE?
  7. You have captured the true spirit of this forum: negativity, flawed thinking and contempt for Thais and Thailand.
  8. It's funny how so many people manage to overcome these obstacles!
  9. How much is the extra insurance you have been compelled to buy?
  10. It is ranked one of the worst in the world for pensions and retirement if you are Thai...
  11. I think the key is using tailors who work for expats and repeat visitors not just 2 week tourists. The best tailors in Bkk were reputedly on Sukhumvit near Soi 4 with Cambodian heritages and French tailoring skills.
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