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  1. In terms of Tourism it will probably be a non event due to the reduction in disposable incomes of the prior prospective customers, less restrictive destinations with same objectives and residual resistance to the "threat" of succumbing to the possible inferred threat of the "virus" and all the restrictions it has enabled under the continuing definitions as a global pandemic.
  2. If you have arrived at this time of your life and find it satisfactory enough then good on you! My own life experience has been quite different in background but I too am quite comfortable with my eventual outcome and current situation.
  3. I have often wondered about that. Many VPN promotions do claim the source of information is visible but the content is not and therefore their "No logs" service provides ultimate security. When it comes to electronic financial transactions that if were deemed suspect people should be aware that Uncle George Bush Jnr. enacted legislation that enables at will surveillance of any bank account in the world that runs through the the US based internet system.
  4. I wonder how many of those here refer back to the activities they dangerously partook in as I also did consider the difference now where it has changed from the personal satisfaction of surviving it to where it has now often become a competitive social media event to attract not only "fame" but attracts and encourages extremes of lethal naive response? There is so much of activities that are more about collective defiance regardless of actual "winners" that IMO indicates a social deterioration and boredom with the stagnation of individualistic opportunity on the large scale. In my la
  5. I am 69. I have lived longer in years than my Father and older brothers and at this time am in relatively good non medicated health but increasingly aware of the physical deterioration that is inevitable. My Mother lived to the age of 93. My father died as the result of a cerebral hemorrhage, oldest brother from a sudden massive heart seizure, second older brother from sudden onset of rapid dementia, and my Mother from a pancreatic infection. So in essence I have no consistent familial record to refer to in expectation of cause of death. I enjoy life while I am am able to participa
  6. In accordance with current concerns IMO you are not wrong . Yes the question of the pollution involved in manufacturing, recharging where applicable, disposal of regardless of type or use indeed persists and is cumulative. However walking barefooted may be clean but in the majority of cases is done wearing synthetic material products. Bicycles are produced from steel and the tyres have combinations of petro chemical content. The alternative return to using animals is subject to questions of inhumane abuse so they are being reduced in natural population to the status of fascinating .
  7. Not afraid of death because have lived long enough to come to terms with it as an inevitable. My fear is that it will not be quick and suffer the ignominy of extended disfunctionality and being burdensome .
  8. Perhaps try drilling holes as big and and deep as possible and filling them with potassium nitrate (aka ."stump rot" ). Slow but sure in stumps that are really dead or should kill them initially at least. Potassium nitrate is quite readily available in Thailand despite it's combination with another household food item can be quite dangerously explosive.
  9. So is your son into spiky hair from electrical buzzes?
  10. I had same thought of turning the wall plug over. Sounds too simple at first thought but I have learned to check orientation of the two pin plug on my welding machine because it alters the consistency of performance dramatically. I am sure there is an explanation but my grasp of complex electronics is limited . lol
  11. I have need to buy a replacement pressure tank for our Lucky Star bore pump. I want to buy a stainless steel one. Lazada lists only one I can find but for a Mitsubishi pump which from the pictures seems to have a matching pump mount format. Two differences are that the only outlet shown requires a flange mounting instead of a fixed preinstalled threaded outlet and there is an additional tube on the top the purpose of is unknown to me. The cheapest option on Lazada is Bht 1530 which seems quite cheap and comparing it to other listings looks identical other than the label logo on them.
  12. It would seem likely and lucky the Police in his situation recognized the other person was at fault which is why they did nothing. Had it been decided the other way around probably a different story despite any possible Insurance cover.
  13. It is still relatively "common" unfortunately in some parts of Isaan . I know of 4 x12 year old girls who have become pregnant to boys of about 15 in my village or near it in the last 2 years. Sadly I would suspect there will be an increase in general in underage pregnancies due to school closures thus the hours in a day every day providing opportunity for bored young people.
  14. What "climate of fear" ? In two decades of dealing with Thai Immigration I have never been subjected to intimidation of any sort. In fact on two occasions where I was not in compliance with regulations I was fairly treated with humored discretionary dismissal of "offense" . Perhaps I have been lucky but my observation of those that have issues and therefore "fear" are generally knowingly in the wrong and are defiant about it.
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