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  1. "Back to normal" ? I think many many Thai would prefer something better rather than more of continued subjugation !
  2. I agree. The only consistency in Thai governance has been the instability and erratic application of populist policies over many decades most of which have been designed to placate the majority long enough to extract as much benefit as possible in the greater interest of those in power and their enablers until the wheel turns once more. Even momentary foresight gets over ridden in the process such as the original concept of preserving a flood corridor to bypass Bangkok but which is now blocked by lucrative industrial complexes. Poverty is a tool to preserve the status quo of the process until
  3. For sure Chateau a la Cardboard places you in the not so "rich" box. On an average day I am in same box.
  4. You are probably right.But is the same applied to the local spirits and beer producers? I feel there is something punitive about the policies even when by consumption volumes wine is hardly of serious competitive danger in the general Thai market. Indonesia (Bali) is now way more extreme I will say. On my last time there a bottle of Jamesons was priced at the rough equivalent to $100. Difficult to find any nice wine at less than $20. But at least the pricing/tax seemed to be applied according to alcohol content, not the form of the beverage. In Thailand Jamesons is not so much more
  5. They do in fact. Here is a rather dated item but it gives a fairly good indication of the situation. Apart from suggested prices ....lol. https://www.econ.chula.ac.th/public/publication/journal/2015/Jordan French.PDF
  6. Wine especially has subject to ridiculous applied tax when compared to spirits but I wonder if the local Winemakers also get some relief from the massive tax they must pay ? There are quite a few of them and increased competition from cheaper imports without some corresponding reduction would seem unfair to a developing industry.
  7. Or did you only get 16 out of 20 questions correct as in the nominated "correct" answers. I recall being angry at some of the totally incorrect answers provided for post reference on homework. That and questioning why was a cheat sheet provided at all?
  8. Nor are we but have received discounts over two time periods with a brief period between times of normal charges. The latest discounts seem to have been more than the original one. But even if back to "normal" I can not consider it expensive.
  9. If she went to school with Maggie Thatcher all credit to the Embalmer !
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