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  1. The reality is they can't square the circle. They want everything yet give nothing. I do mean nothing. What are they proffering? Nothing. A person that does in on this scam their life will be no different in terms of privilage than the average retree on 1900b visa. They need to stop digging.
  2. How about they just stay in Florida or Greece? Boats, women, nice weather, decent beaches, good food. Problem solved
  3. 10% off rajabaht tuition. Don't spend it all in one place lol.
  4. IMO this is a very bad idea for 36yo to move here permanently especially now. No matter what is floated in the press you will be visa grubbing continually and imo it will not be easy. Even spending four months here in cool season will be problematic as soon as a few years. Everything will return to normal and that means sour immigration and consular attitudes. Settle in Cambodia and trip here in cool season as you can for the beaches.
  5. So where is the science? Bats from Kunming in Wuhan No vector No patient zero Chinese torched fake epicenter Missing doctors from lab presumed dead. Some are in fact. China refused to admit WHO team even when it was staffed with shills. I think that's the issue. Two years and there is no science behind the *story* There are huge amounts of circumstantial evidence that the virus was leaked. Can't prove a negative genius.
  6. Gave them his new Panamanian bank account number. Took submarine donations. Prepared them for upcoming autocoup. Inside track. /s
  7. As people die in their homes their families will be forced to drag their bodies into the streets. This is gonna get epic. Was gonna post Monty Python holy grail clip but seems insensitive.
  8. Well, they could force the robber banks to halve interest rates to 12%. Force banks to reduce principal. Nah...
  9. My wife follows some information site for visas to US. She tells me first time interviews are booked solid till years end. Get vaccinated for free upon landing and a nice holiday.
  10. Donation for the junta, RTP and their families. Help Americans (which is at least part of their charge), not so much. I'm sure western countries think it's buying goodwill. How simple minded.
  11. I understand how it might work naturally there's just absolutely no evidence of that occuring NONE. Bats from Kunming lol No patient zero No epicenter No vector
  12. Yet no one leaves. I'm married, job. Pretty stuck. You?
  13. If people would stop talking about what the country did yesterday rather than what we are in for tomorrow that would be great. Bangkok Post and Thai news now discussing it will become routine people dying in their homes and in the street. Services are overwhelmed. Three found dead in the street reported. I suspect this won't even be news in three weeks. Will be interesting to see how Thailand is perceived on world stage.
  14. The thing too is that there's nothing special about Thailand in fact to the contrary. So, once business decides to settle in Vietnam or Cambodia it's not coming back. Thailand doesn't offer high tech, educated workforce. It's assembly and manufacturing. Zero sum game.
  15. What a laff. Just the same vapid, tired denial. No proof of how it happened.... TWO years and nothing.. I'm too lazy to dig up the links.. As far as I'm concerned it was engineered.
  16. Report it. Tell them you reported it. Make the visa in Bangkok. You contribute to the BS you whine about
  17. I would never order online. Go to Fortune town and pick it up. There you see the sealed box, can turn it on and if any issues reject it. Returns are a nightmare here. Asus is 7 days.
  18. Holding a student's attention and then learning something are two entirely different things. Nothing more than edutainment. Part of learning anything, the start is discipline and focus.
  19. I've always believed it came from the lab...the unnatural virus. The circumstancal evidence was always overwhelming. At this point only a half wit would think this unnatural disaster was bats flying into Wuhan, biting a pangolin on the ass which some poor Chinaman bought and his wife made into soup.
  20. Rubbish My wife of 12 years would never do this. EVER. This is emotional, gut level animal instinct. I work with a number of women that would never do this. Married a hot headed, uneducated, Issarn village woman I'd imagine these odds rise exponentially. She married you exclusively for money ...watch your back perhaps.
  21. The irony of course covid about to ravage the nation. No action taken. Buy an old submarine lacking any serious stealth technology (2) to defend against ?? I guess with a sub fleet new navy officers can be expanded.
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