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  1. Was just joking. I know it's a big TV. Perfect for the lonely ones in their 15m2 room.
  2. Perfect size of TV for a few of our friends on AseanNow who live in a single room for 5000Baht
  3. Good afternoon, My daughter went for a trip outside Thailand and came back on 04th February. This resets her 90 days reporting. Can we report as usual online or have we got to go to immigration as this trip did reset the 90 days routine. Thanks
  4. True. I see far less buses pumping black smoke. More often you see converted pick-up trucks with black smoke when they try to impress someone.
  5. Yes but it can now take quite a while to get the notification back. A friend of mine and daughter did their 90 days report 10 days ago and it still is "pending". CW by the way.
  6. Keep horses back. I did not say that I move to Malaysia. And by the way, I have a 5 year visa stamp in my passport. I can leave and come back as it suits me.
  7. Are you looking to become a "Moderator" The visa section is not your domaine. Don't read it, if you do not like it. I do not need to invent something. Do I get paid here? Chase LiverpoolLou or others you constantly fight with. Thanks
  8. Solution. Don't read it and focus on "your", visa forum.
  9. sounds interesting. A friend of mine moved away from Bangkok in 2021. He works for "Makro". Initially, he wanted just to do 2 years there and move back to Thailand and early retire in Huahin where he owned a house. Came back end 2022, sold the house and bought in VN. Not more looking back at TH.
  10. I thought about VN too but very difficult to get a visa. Malaysia on the other hand...
  11. My friend worked at the embassy. Rent was paid through work and the price was 125k Another friend's wife who is a lawyer from the UK, working here for an oil company, their rent is 118k a month, also paid through ex-pat package.
  12. I mentioned the wrong condo in Ekkamai. Not Tree but Rhythm. 68m2 easy around 50-60k in rent. If you only pay 22k, that must be in an old building. Can you name the building you are renting in Ekkamai at 22k? Would be interested.
  13. Really. Have a look at S47. Rent 120k a month. Happy for you. 26k in Ekkamai is a good deal. Have a look at Tree condo in Ekkamai. 60m2 2 bed, 2 bath. 60k
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