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  1. Was thinking the same. Last year number with 20k max and now 60k and first cases of Omicron. Let's see how long Thailand is trying to ignore those facts.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2021/nov/28/covid-live-news-uk-germany-and-italy-detect-omicron-cases-israel-bans-all-visitors
  3. It was actually Ny and Xi they skipped. I read this today online. Most probably not to upset the Chinese headman.
  4. What's about Turkey? The woman which was found positive in Belgium never went to Africa. She has been in Turkey.
  5. I know. I applied. She asked: Wer you flom. I said from Julop (europe). Ok, can start today.
  6. Can't understand why the Africans don't stop this. They stick out like nobody else and most are suspicious.
  7. I think the accent is perfect: Hello hansum, wer ju go, I go wis you. Wer you flom. Massass
  8. That's 42000 Baht 6 Thais x 1000Baht 1 Farang x 36000Baht
  9. If your wife would know where you spend your free time. She thought you were at the temple.
  10. Orders no corruption 555 When someone has to mention it, it must be all over the place.
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