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  1. I see. I'm interested to learn more so feel free to elaborate. Which Thai ETFs are you most interested in, and why?
  2. May I ask, why a Thai ETF? Did you asses that Thai ETF's have the best risk-to-reward ratio for you? Why not a Malaysian, Singaporean, Canadian, or American ETF? I'm just curious behind your reasoning.
  3. Although it might be a long shot to source investment ideas from this forum (considering the amount of trolls), there's no harm in trying. I welcome you to share: Where have you invested your money into? What yield are you getting? What headaches is it giving you? What did you learn? Or perhaps you haven't taken action yet, but you'r considering a new investment? Feel free to share it here. I'll start; I've mostly been invested in American tech companies. I have shares in about 15 companies, through my normal online brokerage account. An example is Facebook Inc. This company
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