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  1. Its all over the place,even if owned,paid for,still problem I take sharp shovel and hack at weeds next door......forest on doorstep imagine the up and coming condos now going this way tons of them, tons of the stuff abandoned ,cannot sell forget it slum city here we come
  2. You want to be careful,said many times,never will it be a good move to buy anything in Thailand now,disaster on stilts,wait for 2 years giveaway prices,if not given away
  3. Second AZ coming up soon Medpark.....no taxi this x bus and BTS Anyone know nearest BTS stop to Medpark?
  4. 7/11 doing a flash sale Wiko 120gb 2600b Always liked the French phones or were
  5. Not yet another thread on the same theme,there are three others running right now ,yours is number four on virtually the same theme
  6. Clothes maketh a woman....its what and how they wear them....all look the same stripped off
  7. Will stay bottomed out in Q4 5 6 7 if there where any, and forever
  8. My second AZ jab coming up Medpark.......going by bus this time. Anyone know nearrst BTS station to Medpark?
  9. Union autions BKK,think its been on hold for a while but its on line too
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