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  1. I report in Chaiyaphum, here we are demanded to do 90 days reports asd usual glegolo
  2. OK here we go, they were correct then. Another day in life when I learn something new. Thank you UbonJoe for your information, good job... glegolo
  3. Living in Chaiyaphum, by the way we probably have one of the very best immigration-officies around,, At least when reading here, it feels like that. They are correct behaving towards me, and not too "dirty" at all.. I was down there last week applying for an extension of stay 1 year, based on retirement. I am swedish so I have the option of just presenting an income-letter to cover the 800K OR doing a so called "Combo"..... Whatever is suitable for me.. I did this that day, presented my incomeletter covering about 700K, and a confirmation from the bank of that days account-sal
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