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  1. Or they could be doing this as a proxy for their buddies in China. There's really no way Thailand could produce these sophisticated vaccines even in the next 5 years. Or maybe even 10. China on the other hand...
  2. When they have to keep denying it you know it's actually true
  3. The Thais are ever optimists. It you watch media from pretty much all the neighbor countries, they are consistent and far more realistic, acknowledging the serious state and how long it will take to make any meaningful improvements. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore are all examples.
  4. There's also the possibility of a big conflict, maybe a global one. It's a good time to save and be at the ready to snatch some assets. That's what the rich will be doing
  5. Several years. But as others have said, some things are changed for good with this generation. This is a defining moment, not entirely unlike a world war. Also nobody seems to want to address the possibility that more of these viruses could be deliberately forthcoming. Any future that does not involve planning for such an event, is not realistic.
  6. Can you name a Thai administration from any of the previous 40 years that was highly competent with low corruption?
  7. And of the 5.5% many are Sinovac which has low efficacy, especially against delta. So, almost nobody fully and efficaciously vaccinated.
  8. The variant was first reported in India but could have originated somewhere else. It is now in virtually every country on earth.
  9. They are in fact all the same. As westerners, we are predisposed to thinking that there must be a 'good' group. Reality is that Thais share in their cultural leanings. No group would be as different from one another as we would like to think. Future Forward would have been similarly inept.
  10. There is a near 100% chance the vaccines will be distributed to important Thais. Pooyais
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