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  1. Let's see how that plays out. I'm not bothered by neighbors' noise, and use headphones most of the day. The problems are mostly related to privacy, and of course freedom to do what I want without having to worry about bothering a neighbor for taking a late call or typing too loud.
  2. I thought that me making a whole post about looking for a soundproof condo in the past days would be enough cover? Anyway, jokes aside, serious recommendations please? I'm looking for some options.
  3. I'm looking for a subscription meal delivery service as an alternative to Healthy Food By Mint that covers the San Pa Pao sub district, specifically Thanaporn Park Home5. I've been using them for a couple of months in my current location. Not a single problem, but unfortunately they do not cover that area. Just to be clear: I already use Foodpanda / Grab / Tuk, but I'm looking for something that would get me covered from Monday to Friday, set and forget. Not looking for in-house cook. At least, as a last resort I would be open to get someone to shop f
  4. Thought I'd post an update. Of all the proposed solutions, I chose to rent a detached house and will move out soon. It will be a PITA, but hopefully worth it. What comes next is mostly me complaining about construction . The situation has become unacceptable. I've received a lot of recommendations regarding how to deal with neighbor noise, but again, just in case it wasn't clear, this is not about noisy neighbors, but very normal daily routine sounds. To give you an example, typing at the computer or even the click of a mouse is something that c
  5. Greetings, I'm looking for a decent soundproof condo in Chiang Mai. I've been living in a unit in one of those DCondo near Central Festival for a long time. Honestly, never had a problem for years. Recently, the condo next door was rented and, wow, just now I realize how bad constructions are here. It's barely possible to make a sound, especially at night. I can hear the neighbors walk around, going to the bathroom, well, you get the picture. It's not a situation where I want or could complain. They are not noisy, I'm talking about normal daily routine. Sinc
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