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  1. And why you should never sell your biggest UK asset, your home. Rent out your home in the UK and use the income to rent in Thailand. UK house prices up 10% year on year. Average house price £250,000. Sweet.
  2. I would bet my bottom dollar the UK will not close schools again. Recent terrible case of abuse here in the news and possibly a teacher would have spotted this issue of abuse going on in the home. Thailand educational response to this pandemic has been as bad as its dreadfully slow vaccination campaign and non existent testing and sequencing.
  3. Spot on. This guy is a virologist and is highlighting how a more transmissible virus but less deadly could actually be a worse outcome. Pressure on health care systems is all people need to focus on because it is the only thing global governments will. Better to look to the experts not a retired nurse sitting in his spare room.
  4. Exactly. Never ceases to amaze me that people don't understand this after 2 years of a global pandemic. Health care system under pressure = restrictions.
  5. Cutting edge Thai science is still using thermal imaging equipment to catch the readybrek glow virus carriers. All for show, Omicron is in Thailand, it just hasn't been discovered because of their pathetic volume of sequencing.
  6. Wrong again. And again. This has no doubt been pointed out to you before. As usual you totally ignore the facts, to create your own fantasy. Watching YouTubers that have been proven totally wrong week after week, month after month. A bit like yourself. Restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol. Sausage roll and a bottle of Chang, what a treat after travelling 6000 miles. Thai PM has said bars, gogos and nightclubs will remain shut until at least January 16th but most likely longer as they can lead to mass spreading events. CCSA will make the decisions, not Pat
  7. Useless. UK delivered 420,000 booster doses alone yesterday. 34% of UK population has now had a booster dose. Amazing NHS and our jabs army. Give us a few weeks and we'll put a booster delivery program on steroids.
  8. You would have to be a complete sad desperado to jump through endless hoops to travel 6000 miles to order a cheese and ham toastie so you can qualify for a bottle of Chang. Meanwhile, all the bars, gogos and nightclubs remain closed further notice. Then having had your cheese and ham toastie, you can join the sausage fest on Soi Bukahow and be the sixth customer of the day. These people must have no social lives at home. Throw in the hoops to return to your own country and the real possibility of global lockdowns. What a relaxing and care free holiday. Get a life.
  9. Thailand hasn't a clue what variants it has. When your sequencing of cases doesn't even reach 3 figures, you haven't a clue what's circulating. Borders don't keep out viruses. Even you should know that. Just like Thailand's testing, don't sequence don't find. As usual Thailand makes zero contribution to helping the rest of the world. Luckily they will always have people to apologise for their pathetic efforts.
  10. After 2 years of a pandemic. Thailand's sequencing is pathetic. Thailand's testing is pathetic. Thailand's vaccine roll out is pathetic. Your prediction of 70% fully vaccinated by December. Wrong. Your prediction that Thailand would be fully open for high season. Wrong. Bars and entertainment venues closed for over 8 months with a high probability that the 16th January date will be pushed back. No financial support for these businesses and employees. No furlough scheme. Vast areas of tourism infrastructure falling apart. Every prediction of tourism compl
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