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  1. At 60. I'm sad so much of my life is behind me. Where did it go? Having said that I feel only sadness for young people. I don't like the direction the world is taking on half a dozen levels.
  2. If I were to venture a guess about Pattaya I'd say that bars on walking street may be gone. The tiny pubs tucked away off walking street may survive for awhile but it will be tough assuming walking street goes *PG*. I suspect the business will shift to soi bukhao, LK and whatever else has grown up there since I left in 2008. Soi 6 will survive as well as the adjacent area. Small beer bars group property owners will sell up if they can get their price. Over last few years when economy was good there were fewer girls to agogo from what I understand
  3. It's a joke but I recall Phnom Penh in early 90s was crazy. Cables would fall and zap people. Fires would start amongst the rats nests of wiring.
  4. Boy, that has nothing to do with the Thai Education system. A 4.0 is 80%. Is the DLT in BKK open?????????
  5. This is so true. Moreover the difference between my wife's mediocre insurance and what her 75yo parents are stuck with is appalling.
  6. Depends on how credible you think *CEO World* is I suppose. At the top medical care is imo as good as the US. It's also just as expensive. Basically, medical and dental are about 30% less which is about the same as difference in overhead for medical practices + malpractice insurance in US. You also get no malpractice insurance here and my understanding is lots of sketchy doctors especially in cosmetic surgery. Need a dental cleaning? It's half the price. Need an honest dentist? Not English speaking in BKK.
  7. Someone is getting very wealthy off PCR tests (and backhanders from hotels).
  8. Thanks. Moving from Bangkok in two years. Just another reminder to absolutely forget Phuket. I've traveled all over the south and know it well. I've only been thru the province on a bus once otlr twice. Once had to overnight near bus station. No way Somchai
  9. Did you do your own paperwork? Are you living with others temporarily? If so what is the household size? 1. Two 2. Two + the household? Big thanks and good luck. Where are you planning on living?
  10. I think it's two things 1. a half kilo a year and you weigh a ton in 15. 2. Beer. I only drink beer when I'm out because I can't trust the quality of the scotch and it's a poor value. I've put on 4kg over this last year in lockdown. I'll lose it by December. My goal always is 3kg over my high school weight. I'm not doing ridiculous diets, giving up whiskey or running (I hate running and static gym exercise). Good luck op. Drop carbs
  11. I couldn't live like this. Hope you have a healthy life to 105. I'll be happy to die at 95.
  12. I think the office looks really funny buth US and UK but I've never found the time to watch it. My TV viewing is stunted. Pretty much left US in early 90s. Never had cable so only watched PBS in 80s.
  13. Mash was good. Alda was a solid writer but the gags became too set up especially in later seasons. Became a parody of itself. Funny, even that rather vanilla comedy would be condemned in the US today.
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