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  1. Presenting facts and giving opinions is not "trolling". No wonder society is so divided.
  2. I met a guy who became very jaded on the Philippines through his experience of yearly updating his work permit. I only went for holidays. You can retire very early there. I think you can go there on a retirement visa from about 50 years old. If you are a digital nomad that could work for you.
  3. Look into whether there is an exception for people who can show they already had Covid. I found that China accepts a previous positive PCR test as proof that people had Covid. China may open up to teachers in March 2022. Worth thinking about. Avoid the agencies and go direct to schools to get the best deal. Look on the forums to see how people are doing this. I am a pureblood. I will never accept any of these freak jabs.
  4. I tried to upload a photo but it only changed the colour of the space where the photo goes.
  5. What is going to happen when the flu season starts in Europe? I guess they will shut down pretty tight again. In the past flu seasons regularly overwhelmed hospitals without governments making a big deal over it. But there is now no tolerance for respiratory illness. https://time.com/5107984/hospitals-handling-burden-flu-patients/ Then you have the uncertainty over whether the country you are going to, passing through, or returning to will be open and what the rules will be. On top of that you have unknown costs for tests and possible quarintine in hotels. T
  6. Finally. The excuse I've been waiting for to break out my Zorro outfit. Now people will know that I am a good citizen. Also, it is going to make it easier if I need to rob some place.
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