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  1. little bit off topic but i wanted to hear opinions from people using wise for a long time now. i see a lot of bad feedback around the net of people saying they sending money same like to thailand through wise and the money never arriving and then their account get suspended for no apparent reason.
  2. well im scared to have problems with 1. the embassy when doing the app for TR visa. 2. when boarding the plane. but anyway my flight is still long time head in september so wouldn't buy a throwaway now anyways. and yup i already bought one but thanks anyways
  3. well they didn't but due to covid stuff i dont mind shelling the extra few 300 as it's not what'll break me but it is a shame indeed
  4. yup she didn't know indeed haha. well my only concern which i know sound stupid is that thai embassy will go "why TR visa if your going for less then 60 days?" but thats over now and flight booked 7/9/22
  5. well i did it because of covid. but i do know 100% that back in 2014 when i flew to thailand, i had only a 1 way ticket the airline company didn't want to let in but as i showed that i have a TR visa in passport she went for a few minutes to talk with someone and then they said ok.
  6. thank you, as i dont want to get onward ticket but also do not want to take risks (i really only need 1 way ticket). i booked a ticket regardless of when the onward ticket is according to your help.
  7. Hello, I have a question, might be a stupid one but an honest one. if i booked a flight ticket for less then 30 days but wish to apply in my embassy for a TR visa will they then look at the ticket and go like "your flying for less then 30 days you don't need no TR visa so we decline your request"? thanks in advance.
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