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  1. I happen one of those tourists who intend to travel to Thailand early November (6th to be precise) through the Phuket Sandbox and then Bangkok in order to experience a relatively quite Thailand. If anything, this announcement has put me in a more precarious position as I was expecting a binary choice, either, a) scrapping COE, OR, b) COE but with less PCR requirements (i.e. one PCR instead of 2 upon arrival as is the current requirement). Having a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT system now entails me pondering whether a COE will even be valid by the time I arrive if I apply for it now. Otherw
  2. If you're going to reduce the curfew by two hours, why not make it 00:00 - 04:00 rather than one hour either side of the current 22:00 - 04:00? That way at least tourists can have a bit more freedom instead of being confined to their beds by 10 like school kids and businesses such as restaurants, 7-11s and night markets can gain an extra 2 hours of income! Who the hell cares if you're allowed to go out at 3 am rather than 4 am? Heck, not even roosters are up that early! What a stupifyingly witless idea to add to the ever-growing conveyor-belt of stupid decisions made by
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