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  1. Good question with the new variant out it might well be a throwaway flight, Seems they were keen to make every single person applying for extensions to buy flights out.
  2. I bought a flight out to obtain the visa, No idea about the affidavit. Also there was CV antigen tests needed for entry 72 hours prior or a double jab cert for entry to CW , but it was not being enforced , Maybe soon it will so be prepared they are available from boots for 150 baht.
  3. Just extended at CW so this is confirmed Info , flight out or letter from embassy required, as is TM30, and affidavit and other copy's of documents, I waited 5 hours to get my 60 day CV extension, They are making it a huge hassle by slowing down before lunch and making people wait hours and hours.
  4. Thanks ill call when they open, ill let you know the outcome.
  5. Please supply the link or title of sub forum
  6. None at this stage. But i cannot take astra because i have high risk of DVT.
  7. Oh i clicked the kink but i cannot take astra, only double phizer, Does anyone know if this is possible?
  8. I am on covid extension visa and would like to get my vaccine so I can goto Cambodia, But all the hospitals say they have ran out, I'm under 40 with no medical problems listed under the neccessory requirements, Can some one please help?
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