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  1. This morning I've tried to pay again, and to my surprise the payment has gone through and my application is in processing. Either the issue on payment processor side has been fixed (which is the most likely option), or me using the VPN, setting it to mask my IP as if I'm in the country where Thai embassy is located, helped. My situation is a bit complex. We do have a Thai consulate in my country, but the Thai embassy (in another country) is handling visa applications. Anyway, I hope my post helps someone in need.
  2. I'm in contact with my consulate as well. Their suggestion was to use a somebody elses card, which I have done, but no luck with it either. Looking more closely into the network traffic while the payment process is going on, I've managed to find that the Worldpay is sending to the merchant (Kasikorn bank) a failure response (after user confirms payment via mobile app) and this would explain why there are no transactions being logged anywhere.
  3. Hi, has anyone experienced a problem in the past two days with payment processing for a visa fee? I've tried to use 8+ different Visa and Mastercard cards (various banks) and the payment processing (after payment confirmation in banking app) fails every single time. I've called the bank and they've told me they could not see any transaction requests, not even "failed" attempts.
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