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  1. Looks like I'm going to be on the phone for a while this morning. I'll keep you informed
  2. She's doing the PCR test before she leaves Myanmar but she's not got a hotel booked, she only has 3 hours between flights I actually think she's only got hand luggage but I assumed that because she was changing airlines she'd have to pass through immigration to check in with Qatar
  3. My mates Burmese wife finally gets to join him in the uk in 2 weeks. She's flying into Suvarnabhumi with Singapore then the rest of the way with Qatar. Because she's changing airlines she's going to have to leave airside and check in again with Qatar airlines, will she need to show cash to prove she can keep herself when "leaving the airport" and if so how much? We've been trying to find out but seem to be going in circles, I thought it was $300 US (or 10,000Bt) but she thinks it's $1300.
  4. My English friend married a Burmese girl but they both travelled to Bangkok to get married there. That was 2 years ago, he's now waiting for her to finally arrive in the uk which should be in 2 weeks.
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