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  1. It may... I do not know the particulars of this piece of legislation... appearance is that it does but we won't know for sure until it runs its course thru the legal system. That said, I am by no means a supporter of organized religion... but I am just curious what sources are being used for guidance for todays' youth on moral and ethical development... seems the anti religion group offer no alternative.
  2. I recently spent a couple of days in Bangkok Hospital for a relatively minor problem and lo and behold the hospital filed a TM30... when I tried to renew my 90 day permission to stay online it was denied for this reason... Your application for "STAYING LONGER THAN 90 DAYS" has been rejected. Others (Please specify)Contact immigration to update the (TM30) accommodation notification to the current place. The last register of accommodation was at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai 88/8-9 Moo 6, Nong Pa Khrang Subdistrict Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province. Sort of silly that they would be required to file a TM30 for the hospital... downright silly that I have to refile a TM30 to return home from the hospital.
  3. What is wrong with guidelines for proper ethical and moral direction in living... what guidelines did you learn from when you were trying to grow up into the fine upstanding person that you are today? where did you get your guidance???
  4. “Lazada Group is not considering any divestment of our business in Thailand and is not in discussion with any investors on this topic. Any rumours stating otherwise are untrue.” They should start the rumor that they plan to upgrade their service in Thailand... that would be real news
  5. Here is the source... for the ignorant. READ: Anthony Fauci's New Covid Book Is Even Worse Than Expected, And It's Full Of Revisionist History | Ian Miller
  6. Surprise, surprise, Anthony Fauci is out with a new book on COVID. And in an even more stunning turn of events, he believes he did an amazing, nearly perfect job handling the virus. Though even that undersells how his book reveals just how disconnected from reality, facts, and evidence Fauci is. As well as how committed to promoting himself, his agenda, and his ideology. It's a masterpiece of misinformation, contradictions, and self-congratulation. In short, it's everything you'd expect out of Anthony Fauci and yet somehow so much worse.
  7. Hilarious... where did you find these buzz words... 10 to 1 you cannot define either of them... google can be your friend if you can figure out how to use it... which I highly doubt.
  8. The lesson here is... "keep your hands to yourself"... the brit just couldn't resist pushing the thug as he walked past.... what an idiot... sometimes it is best to not be a part of the problem.
  9. I am neither... I just do not and will never support Thai bashing from ignorant fools such as those that I have responded to... it is ridiculous to paint a group of people with a broad brush... ie me painting all brits with the broad brush of idiots of the world... but you and your ilk wouldn't understand the irony of my posts because you are the very persons that the Thais and normally behaved people loathe.
  10. Disrespected the "plumbing" they were born with... now want it to work properly...
  11. Your posts are quickly becoming more and more unintelligible... have you considered getting help? At least take a remedial English composition class.
  12. Hopefully this gets rid of 2 bad apples at the same time... one dead one in prison. Hundreds more before you rest!
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