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  1. It's art. Art on the body as opposed to on the wall. It's a clever invention. And indigenous cultures used tattoos and did attribute meaning to them. Nowadays, people do have some tattoos that mean sth. Not always. It can be a tattoo of their ex signifying they are indelibly stamped in their life. Of course they can have negative connotations, like Charles Manson tattoo of a swastika on his forehead.
  2. But thats exactly what you need to ask yourself. Do you spend too much money on alcohol and have no money left over for essentials like milk?
  3. so the teens have "moral issues" with cannabis being sold? or ... are they operating a competing cannabis store nearby?
  4. you dont think there will be tension/arguments/hostility if you're a meat eater and you marry a vegan chick? it's practically a religion and she won't enjoy watching you eat steaks. maybe not. but hopefully everything else in your marriage is going well.
  5. Havent read the whole thread. Did anyone discuss Bill Clinton? Kevin Spacey said Bill Clinton was on Epstein's private jet with young girls.
  6. People are starting to create their own music using AI. They type in prompts and the style of music, and AI generates a song. https://www.udio.com/
  7. my ex was not a vegan, but a smoker. i was getting cancer just inhaling the 2nd hand smoke, so i cut my losses. should i have tried to get her to stop smoking? maybe. a lot of western women are vegans. media is a powerful thing. would need to put some effort in presenting facts about meat to try to un-brainwash her to avoid being force-fed quinoa for breakfast. I dont think most kids from well-adjusted families where the the parents put a lot of effort raising their kids gravitate towards gender reassignment, but I dont have the stats to back it up. ps. you may need to educate your western woman that lululemon leggings are full of harmful chemicals and switch to cotton. its hard work.
  8. Everyone interprets reality differently. Try this psychology test. What do you see in this photo?
  9. I read about this visa on a blog that targets "digital nomads". https://www.travelinglifestyle.net/thailand-has-announced-a-new-easy-to-get-visa-for-digital-nomads/ Notice the language used in the article. the country decided to introduce the new “Destination Thailand Visa” (DTV) for those interested in a “workcation.” The new visa targets digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers and others who want to live and work in Thailand for a period of up to 360 days. The visa has a fee of 10,000 baht ($272) and allows you to stay for 180 days, which can be extended for a similar period after paying another 10,000 baht. I interpret up to 360 days as "up to 360 days total in 5 years". Otherwise, the only other way to interpret it is "up to 360 days per year". But that's practically permanent residency, not a workcation. I interpret "can be extended for a similar period" means ONE extension in that 5 year period. I could be wrong. Let's wait and see.
  10. Because too many people would stay permanently for the 5 years on border runs and I dont think Thailand can accomodate such a mass amount of digital nomads. Some people are predicting 1 billion digital nomads by 2035.
  11. I dont think so because this would eliminate the retirement visa. My interpretation is you are only allowed ONE extension in FIVE years. You are only allowed 360 days TOTAL in FIVE years. (180 + 180) So if you come Jan 1st, 2025, you stay 180 days and then extend another 180 days, you need to leave Thailand and you can not come back until 2030. Not on this visa, anyway.
  12. thats right. most western women have financial independence compared to their thai counterparts. so you need to have sth else to offer them besides money or they may just walk out with the govt benefits.
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