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  1. Did you go round talking to all of them to obtain that information ?
  2. I don't think that I can make the question any simpler or write it in a different way
  3. Did nt you manage to go back to the UK and get NHS treatment ?
  4. Pack your bags and run off like a coward leaving your daughter behind ? That's not what real men do , that's what cowards do
  5. I don't know as its not a question that I ask people whom I meet and its not the type of subject that people talk in public about . But there are regular news stories of men sexually abusing babies
  6. No, you shouldnt be touching babies genitals for sexual gratification at all , washing your hands before or after doesn't make in acceptable
  7. He was making the point that Gaza cannot be an open air prison as they are firing rockets from Gaza
  8. You are in favour of killing innocent civilians , you are in favour of war crimes and crimes against humanity
  9. Why would a man want to change a babies diaper ? They go to Pattaya to touch young ladies genitals and changing diapers' they touch young girls genitals for free
  10. But that is the job of the current Government , Nigel wasn't part of the then current Government ; He had spent years and years campaigning and he wanted a break from it all
  11. The sole reason for UKIP existing was to get the UK to leave the E.U. When the referendum was held and he achieved his goal and the UK voted to leave the E,U , he then disbanded his group and retired from politics
  12. Men who go to a town to have sex with young ladies shouldn't be changing diapers of young girls , there is no lower age limit for paedophiles , they are attracted to babies as well
  13. You cannot legally find things . Taking money which isn't yours is theft . They took money which doesn't belong to them . No different to taking money from a till
  14. Its not a good idea for Males who visit areas just to pay for sex with young woman , its not a good idea if they then go to orphanages to play with children . The girls in the orphanage might be in the 14-16 year old age bracket
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