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  1. As I stated before. Due to Covid which was the number 1 issue not only for the USA but the entire world. COVID was unprecedented. NO ONE had the perfect answer at the time. A lot of trial and error. Many issues were put on the back burner. Now it’s easy to look back. Hindsight.
  2. Source? Or are you just being the jailhouse lawyer again?
  3. Sounds good to me! Welcome to the MAGA team! ANYTHING Trump does will be better than what Obama has done.
  4. Jury has not made their judgement yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself.
  5. Perhaps some of the HAMAS bleeding heart supporters can pool their funds together and help the lady out. After all HAMAS, a confirmed terrorist organization funded primarily by Iran and most likely George Soros killed the man. I would think the amount of sympathy they show HAMAS should be extended to the murder victim. The American IVY league students will contribute also. Just ask.
  6. He only sees what he WANTS to see in all of his posts.
  7. Still upset you didn’t make my shortlist for Danderman to refer to for clarification? Don't hate. It doesn’t fit in with the core values of liberalism. You just weren’t qualified! I don’t do DEI, EEO or any of that other WOKE BS.
  8. Hope is all you have left. Similar to Obama’s “Hope and Change “ I agree with the rest. It’s comes down to the jury. Right decision or wrong decision. It’s the American way. Wise choice with Fox News. Nice to see you progressing out of the rabbit hole. Good night and sweet dreams.
  9. And how much of this gibberish is admissible as fact. 0% All coming from a bloke who thinks he can outrun a perp with a knife set on filleting him like a salmon. Good luck.
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