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  1. Yet another TV thread devolving into mindless anti-China rhetoric. Who could have predicted.
  2. That's probably because you are in Thailand eating incredible tasty food. Not in the US where Taco Bell is considered a delicacy by murican standards. I could see the beef options tasting being better in the US but not the chicken.
  3. I think if you fail you can just go again so no big deal other than having to pay the fee multiple times.
  4. I live about half a block from a Taco Bell and have never been there. I read the posts on this board from people getting all excited that they were in Thailand so I decided to give it a try. I can't understand why anyone would get excited about eating that garbage anywhere, much less in Thailand.
  5. It's not just talk this time. It will be a several years before they get to Nong Khai but the first phase to Nakhom Ratchasima is going full steam ahead.
  6. Yes it is available. https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Digital-Banking/Bualuang-mBanking/How-to-Use/Cardless-Withdrawal
  7. But how do you get to Pattaya if you can't go through Bangkok without quarantine? Does that not include Suvarnabhumi airport? I would need to see details of what the plan is exactly before I try book anything.
  8. First you need to get a prescription from an optometrist but I don't think you need to go to a hospital for that. When I priced out buying prescription glasses I found that I could get them cheaper online than I could in Thailand prescription eyeglass stores. I would imagine you can buy them online in Thailand as well. I used eyebuydirect.com and highly recommend them. Quite a bit cheaper than buying in retail stores in Thailand and the US. I found that prescription reading glasses are quite a bit clearer than the off the shelf reading glasses for me. That may be bec
  9. I get charged 300 baht a year for the ATM card. That is all I get charged so I don't know what the other fee is that some people are talking about. I'm also set up for online banking, so even though I haven't been in Thailand for quite awhile I can go online and see the fee being taken out.
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