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  1. Maybe you should look into the difference between religion and science a little more…..
  2. Sure it is, but us humans burning all those fossil fuels doesn’t really help.
  3. I always used to love going up north in the winter and having to put on a sweater at night, and sleep under a couple of blankets or a thick duvet. But I have no idea anymore when the burning starts, seems the haze and smoke starts coming earlier every year. Such a shame, because it’s so beautiful up there in the winter.
  4. You would almost be inclined to think, seeing as how this is Thailand, that this guy has some vested interest in one of these vaping companies and has a lot to gain when it’s legalized.
  5. Or that he, generally speaking, has a clue what he’s talking about. Hint: he doesn’t.
  6. It’s always those dirty foreigners, isn’t it? Just like all those right-wing nutbags in the USA, blaming the immigrants for bringing in COVID and spreading it around.
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