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  1. Do I miss something? I'm looking for ready to use Velcro with buckle or clasp of different lengths and width and strengths. Where to find ?
  2. I'm a regular customer of Lazada but for some reason I didn't think of Velcro, thanks
  3. Where can I find it a variety of strong Velcro tapes? Preferably self adhesive. To stop my leg from slipping off the pedal? And other uses?
  4. Thanks for reply ....Parasite How much time to allow for deboarding KLM (departure Amsterdam via ZRH) transferring to DMK . How much time between the arrival and check ing she needs to be allowed for? Scheduled arrival BKK 9:30 Scheduled departure DMK to Buriram -BFV 13.00 When is it advisable to take a taxi rather than the bus?
  5. MAYBE TIGHT BECAUSE FLIGHTS ARE ONLY IN THE MORNING On May 6th arriving BKK from Europe 9:30 connect to DMK to Buriram. BFV How to plan for?
  6. What are the Health insurance requirements for expats on retirement Visa with yearly renewal. Any specific acceptability rules which an alien insurer must meet?
  7. Because the artistic possibilities with fashion jewelry are much greater, I'm looking for the right shop in who can help?
  8. Well, can't be blame for that comment. You are correct. My bad I didn't carefully proofread what what Google dictation had to typed. But I'm convinced that some of you solved the puzzle and interpreted "long" meaning to be strong enough for two people to stand on it. Thanks for the suggestion of the wooden grid, too slippery when wet, for my purposes. Still hoping for a metal grid suggestion.
  9. Clarifying question is appreciated. I'm talking about the gutter on the roof to to catch the rain before it destroys the the walls
  10. Brilliant suggestion. But it needs to be 5 cm above the floor. It there must be strong enough to support two people standing in front of the mirror long enough for a weight of 120 kg
  11. Grid for bathroom strong enough to walk on. Who does it?
  12. Had it done once and it was good. Lasted for over 10 years but now the gutters old and the man who did it too. Can you suggest someone?
  13. Thanks but I have no relation with that person and therefore I wouldn't want to go that far.
  14. Probably I have been overthinking and complicating the subject. Compared to the size of the wall the small spots probably can be visually patched up so from distance of 3 m you don't notice the repair. The layman speaking. Some bonding material combined with sand and the right color should do the trick. Probably two types of craftsmen needed to do the job 1. For mixing color and binding material 2. the person with skill and patience to apply the material so that it will last for some time? บางทีฉันอาจจะคิดมากและทำให้หัวข้อซับซ้อนขึ้น เมื่อเทียบกับขนาดของผนัง จุดเล็กๆ อาจจะมองเห็นได้ ดังนั้นจากระยะ 3 เมตร คุณจะไม่สังเกตเห็นการซ่อมแซม คนธรรมดาพูด. วัสดุประสานบางชนิดผสมกับทรายและสีที่เหมาะสมน่าจะช่วยได้ อาจมีช่างฝีมือสองประเภทที่จำเป็นในการทำงาน 1. สำหรับผสมสีและวัสดุเข้าเล่ม 2.ผู้ที่มีทักษะและความอดทนในการประยุกต์วัสดุให้คงอยู่ได้ระยะหนึ่ง?
  15. It's 100% too short.. . Anyhow for trying to be of help
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