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  1. A heartwarming story of total strangers helping someone in distress. Hope the gentleman recovers.
  2. I think i would give the driver of the tuc tuc the benifit of the doubt as he continued to the ageed destination not increasing speed to flee the scene.
  3. she is a smameless liar. Not uncommon for Thai politicos.
  4. Rubbish story .Tourists and residents being choked to death in the most polluted place on earth .The only people that are unfazed are people like the prime minister who still will not declare the city a disaster area and provide government assistance to those suffering.
  5. The whole family are self serving and adept at fooling the public .Are the Thai people really this gullible ? .Let's see how many they didn't fool at the next election.
  6. That information was a great help to the poster
  7. If this was a foreigner especially in Phuket there would be protests and press releases by MPs calling for harsh measures against foreigners.
  8. Thai rider of the blue bike entered the major road from the left without stopping or looking right. Thai drivers of motorcycles do this all the time.
  9. Sme is milking the situation for all it's worth. A real drama queen enjoying the publicity.
  10. And the PM refuses to declare it a disaster area to con tourists travelling to the city to enjoy Songram. He should try living there.
  11. I wonder how long it will take you to dislike your new location and bore people with your inane dribble.
  12. Some caretaker poor chap lay unattended for three days. RIP.
  13. The behaviour of foreigners is insignificant compared to that of Thai politicians
  14. Still in a panic about the Swiss guy. Making a mountain out of something to get press coverage
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