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  1. As I've said I don't use my real name and FB are asking for verification of a made up name.
  2. Thanks PS, just tried on my laptop and worked perfectly. Now does anyone know how to transfer my FB account to my new phone as my FB account was given to me and doesn't use a real name and FB are asking for verification !!
  3. Just bought a new phone so I want to download an app whereby I can search for it using another phone if I lose it. My son lost his so when I researched how to find a lost phone it seems you had to have installed an app first to make it easier to find. Anyone done it? Mine is a Xiaomi Redmi phone if that makes a difference.
  4. Fair point but I have been stung so many times in the past by putting 100 Baht note on then data eating it up although now I have dual sim and data set up on my True sim. I will be a cheapskate and put another 12 Baht on which will give me a months grace. My True internet I pay around 21st along with my HD Prime subs so I will top up my phone at the same time, they will serve as my reminder. Thanks.
  5. Sorted, thanks all. I just went to 7/11 and put 12 Baht as suggested, I can live with 12 Baht a month plus there will be some credit when I can't use Line. I will also look into the Kasikorn 5 Baht deal later as I have the Kasikorn app on my phone. Thanks again.
  6. In the past my sim card expiry date was usually many months in the future, now due to Line, Whatsapp, Messenger etc I very rarely use the phone credit so now my sim expiry is in a couple of days. What's the cheapest way to keep it active? Does the amount of days credit correspond to how much I top it up? Obviously I don't want to load it up with money that I won't use.
  7. Thanks Vinny I have only been looking at 8GB as if I am going to upgrade I would like to jump from 4-8 GB but I understand it's an extra 1k+ but over 3 years or so usage I think it's worth it.
  8. one of the reviews on GSM mentioned the F3 so I did review it but at the time more than I wanted to pay as I was looking 8-10k max, I think around 13k as opposed to 11k for the 11 Lite and the camera is only 48 MP as opposed to 64MP. I paid around 5600 3 years ago for my 4GB Redmi 6, I expected to pay more obviously but now to get the spec I want I'm looking at double !
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