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What Is Best Mitsu Triton To Buy ?


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i have been looking on internet for a mitsu triton , only for me the wife and kid when we are in los twice per year, i do not want to spend too much maybe 350,000 max, i like the 2door double cab 2.5 , i dont like driving automatic cars but is an automatic better on fuel ? alos i see one triton that has had suspension lowered , its a good price but my wife thinks that in isaan the roads will be too rough for this car ?

how long does it take for me to buy a car if i pay cash in total, the car is 367-000 baht but i reckon i can give him cash and do a deal for around 330,00 hopefully, i just want to know what to look for when buying ? i have never bought a car in los before. i will be buying the car i want in bangkok on the first or second day we get there as i dont want to be renting again everytime we go away.

any advice much appreciated, we will also be try to but off a big reputable dealer in bangkok and not look at too many private sales, is it safer this way ?

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I bought a Triton 2 door megacab about a year ago, second hand 2006 and I'm very happy with it. The only thing I don't like too much is the low quality paint, but other than that it runs perfectly and I love the design.

I bought it at a so called "tend-shop" and payed the full amount in cash. No big discounts for paying in cash. I think your estimate of saving over 30.000 is a bit too optimistic.

When you go to see the car, have a thorough inspection, inside and out, kick the tires to see if there is any unwanted movement, check the frame under the bonnet....are there signs of respraying ( a sure giveaway for a collision). Does the car start easily? If not, battery could be about to die. Is there a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust? Not good. Test drive the car. If they won't let you, stay away.

Check that the car has all services done...oil changed regularly every 5000km. If there is no service book, stay away.

Judging from the price you are looking at a 2006 model. It should have between 50.000 and 80.000km on the clock. I wouldn't bother if it has more than that.

Check how many owners the car had before. More than 2 and it could be a lemon.

Can the shop give you a warranty on the engine/body?

I've been hunting for that car for about 2 months, testing and checking different cars the shop offered me, until I found the right one. My advice is to take it slowly and make sure the car is OK before you had over your cash. If there is anything to fix, let them do it BEFORE you pay.

As for lowering the car....it's a pretty cheap modification (around 2000B). They will take away a piece from the rear suspension/springs(?) and usually cut off a piece of the front spring. Better would be to change the front spring with a shorter and harder spring, but that would be more expensive. Your wife is right though, roads are not very forgiving here in Thailand. I wanted to do the same thing on my Triton, but time and again, reason prevailed over heart....

These are just some ideas. I'm no expert in the matter and I'm sure other forum members can give you more/better advice.

Good luck

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