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HOT Magazine, Issue 1, Volume 10 1.0.0

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Hot Magazine: Read the online issue 1, Volume 10, January 2022 by clicking on the green button or read the online version here



HOT Magazine is a Thailand based luxury lifestyle magazine connecting with Asia’s wealthy, brand-conscious, high net worth individuals, through their chosen lifestyle activities.

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2 hours ago, charliebadenhop said:

I am sure this has been discussed many times.... but it is hard for me to imagine who this magazine is for, and why Asean bothers to post it....


I mean yes, I guess this magazine is meant for the 1%, but this website I think is more meant for the 99%, so....?


Are the people reading the magazine meant to savor the possibility of having a similar lifestyle, with similar surgically improved ladies?


Oh well.... sorry for venting!

I guess the Asia's wealthy can't catch the virus. Not 1 mask between them, but they do like nice.

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I have to be most vigilant in our household to be sure this magazine and a few others never darken our door with their oh-so seductive implant propaganda. If the missus gets hold of them it begins the rounds of do i need lipo on my derriere, or I think my boobs aren't big enough, would you like my boobs bigger?, or I think my lips are too thin, eyes need to be more almond shaped .... OMG!  hahaha !!! Thankfully I have trained our dogs to sniff these blasphemous publications out and quickly chew them to mush on sight 

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