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  1. Water - 600 ml 'ish, spoonful of creatine, banana ... gym, yoga fore a total of about 2 hours, or swim or surf (during the wave season) and always yoga after either. Breakfast either protein shake or eggs of some sort (not a fry -up as this is fat n heart disease material), fresh squeezed fruit juice or smoothie, muesli with greek yoghurt and a bit more fruit like blueberries (I grow them ). Tea and maybe a slice of toast ... not a coffee guy too much. To not have eat at all, and especially to not have protein in the morning isn't good for the brain - cognition and c
  2. I live in Phuket. Please don't come here unless you've been vaccinated.
  3. Far less embarrassing than trying to say it with a live piece of meat in ones mouth lol
  4. Every day is a holiday in the Land of Smiles
  5. The postulations as to the rope being cut below or above him and this having direct bearing as to the danger to him from a free fall are dependent upon the type of rigging he was using as to whether it was, once cut, an unsecured abseil.
  6. Fuel goes stale/bad, you need to drain the whole fuel system and refill with fresh (higher octane that normal) fuel for a tank or two. The higher octane without ethanol in it is more 'forgiving, lubricating, richer' on all the moving parts such as pistons and valves and supports the running in after standing. Ask the local dealer if this is safe to do as some very new, small cylinder cars might not like this. Personally I would never drive a car after it has been sitting for so long without a through mechanical inspection. Animals eat lines and other parts that the mind boggles at
  7. Tropposurfer


    Must wear when taking a dump Must wear when sleeping Must wear when kissing your favourite GF Must definitely wear when going boom boom Must wear when drinking your favourite cold bevy must wear when inside the car with all the windows shut Must wear when on any deserted beach Lol
  8. Thai's are tough and resilient people. They will flood back to open businesses sure as God made apples, and the place will be chocked once again with uncouth, annoying, and hardly bearable cash heavy falang tourists lol
  9. I answered the 3rd option yes and maybe no????? I'm fortunate as I have never had a life threatening illness or condition (well apart from being an Aussie and silly as a wheel lol ). Nature has however thrown me a ball that showed me the near-experience of dying. I've come close to drowning quite a few times as a surfer, nearly died from the drink and other drugs a long time ago and come face to face with the realisation that I didn't want to die. In the case of drowning In have had mixed reactions, found in part of this process I panicked part of a few of the time
  10. If you're over a year ya gotta do it again from scratch as far as I can advise. Mine was pretty easy (Phuket DLT) - in 2019. Arrived as advised at 'sparrows' i.e. 7 a.m. to await the opening of the offices. Got me a delicious gaffee buran prior. Only test - was eye (I wear multifocal lenses) and reflex - They were amazed that papa had such fast reflexes too lol No video to watch, no written, or computer test. Full Aussie (riders and HC) drivers license current (and presented) at time of application for full Thai motor and bike license. Arrived at site, copie
  11. Yep Wogeordie spot-on! I can share just how rotten the barrel is there.
  12. I relate and commiserate. There's no simple answer to mid section middle age weight gain. It's a metabolic certainty this will happen. However, this can be spread can restrained so take heart. I was an athlete of reasonable note and always had a six to eight pack, at age 55 I started to put on fat around my kidneys and had a small roll of fat across my belly, weight went from 76 up to 80 kgs. I consulted nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths etc in Aussie and they all told me these same things. The bad news is you will have to work out more, more regularly, more intensity
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