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  1. Please don't listen to all these self-qualified 'doctors' here. Never take any medication especially a psychotropic without careful consultation, and ongoing monitoring of the effects of the drug you are prescribed by a qualified health professional, preferably a Dr of clinical psychology or a psychiatrist. As a retired psychotherapist of many decades practice I actually know, the spectrum of possible ramifications of what I am saying to you. While GP's can prescribe, and do prescribe anti-depressant medication their understanding of same is not to the levels of the above two other m
  2. Yep he suffocated alright. It's hard to breathe and live, with a plastic bag held tightly over your head. So, ... now all we need to see is this murderer tried and given the penalty he deserves.
  3. Yep he suffocated alright. It's hard to breathe and live, with a plastic bag held tightly over your head.
  4. After my shots I find I can now predict the future .... humanity is scr.wed hahahaha
  5. I love and laugh heartily at the folks who point out how corrupt and worthy of criticism Thailand is. It's hilarious If one were to reflect with any honesty and clarity on the countries of most) of their origins it would be obvious to blind Freddy or Somchai for that matter that the western countries we hail from have histories or corruption, nepotism, treachery, racism, and dysfunction - socially and politically that would make the worst of Thailands folks bow down with embarrassment and humility.
  6. Darn it! Now I will only be sometime hansum man with all the young euro lads returning
  7. That explains why I ended up on the nod, and woke up 3 hours later covered in vomit after my last bowl of soba.
  8. Water - 600 ml 'ish, spoonful of creatine, banana ... gym, yoga fore a total of about 2 hours, or swim or surf (during the wave season) and always yoga after either. Breakfast either protein shake or eggs of some sort (not a fry -up as this is fat n heart disease material), fresh squeezed fruit juice or smoothie, muesli with greek yoghurt and a bit more fruit like blueberries (I grow them ). Tea and maybe a slice of toast ... not a coffee guy too much. To not have eat at all, and especially to not have protein in the morning isn't good for the brain - cognition and c
  9. I live in Phuket. Please don't come here unless you've been vaccinated.
  10. Far less embarrassing than trying to say it with a live piece of meat in ones mouth lol
  11. Every day is a holiday in the Land of Smiles
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