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  1. I really wish someone would respond to your question. I have 3 pumps in our system, the in ground one to fill the closest tank, an above ground pump to fill the tank at the rear of the property and another one to provide water pressure for the house. Providing the juice for all this with solar would be great. I would like to eliminate the third pump by installing a tower to gravity feed the house but the neighbors are too close, I fear a disaster.
  2. I can only speak for myself, but it isn't the price, it's the constant change of coverage and price. I have a Thai wife, we have a home and a vehicle. How about having a policy that lasts longer than the Minister of the moment.
  3. If I was up all night playing music, I would really hate to be woken early in the morning by loud music, tit for tat. Be aware though, you probably have a higher regard for the law than your Thai neighbor.
  4. I was 6 years old in 1958. I remember asking my mother if I would live until the year 2000, which seemed impossibly far away. When she replied with a smile, that I probably would, I asked if she would, she replied I hope so. Sadly, she did not. She passed away at 58 in 1988.
  5. I have no reason to think you are wrong, but I sure hope you are.
  6. Good answer, I, like you, do not fear death, I fear a long painful process. I think all humans should have the option of requesting a pill. We are much more humane with our pets than we are to each other.
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