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  1. I assume that I will be asked if I have already had a vaccine when I go for Moderna. I may have to lie.
  2. Same for me Canada wants to see that we have two jabs of the same vaccine to return. I got the Sinovac and then the Astra. I have two Moderna ordered and paid for, the only way I can meet Canadian requirements is to get another Astra jab, or take the Moderna jabs. If, I repeat if, the Thai medical system allows. Tell you what, I'll sign a waiver, give me the Moderna jabs I paid for.
  3. Fortunaetly for me, I haven't wasted too much time learning Thai. I can just start learning Chinese so I'll be ready for the influx.
  4. I have had Sinovac and AstraZeneca. I am not looking at Moderna as a booster because my country will not accept a combination for return travel. I will take both Moderna shots at the proper interval. I would like to buy a couple for my Thai wife, she has only had two Sinovac jabs.
  5. I paid for two doses as well, and they were slated to arrive this year. The service charge for the hospital to administer the vaccine was also prepaid.
  6. So basically the unvaccinated rate is dropping like a stone, because the unvaccinated are.
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