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  1. Getting quoted form movers in case I must vacate. All of them have fairly standard limits on their liability ( who wouldn't if you can get away with it?_ At most one company will pay 25% of losses up to 2,500 THB. Whoopie. My theater and research machines are too expensive to purchase again and I never could find a "renter's insurance" company to cover items in the room. Anyone know where I can buy some short term converge?
  2. To answer some questions: * I am not haggling. I don't care about 500 baht. I am trying to make sense and learn about a culture. Also I am in need of contract so i can't be made to move out suddenly. For parkinson's the home becomes a tool with special adaptiations. You don't jsut pick up and move easily. I also have buld great friendships here. Moving to another room? Seriously, guys, we all know he next landlod will have their own issue of power tripping * Yes the room is peanuts (a remodeled room might go for 4000), no it is not a s^ hole. It is in Chatuchak in a abnormal polygon that people have no reason to live in unless they live here or have family. I ended here becaus when I got out of the hsopital my Parkinson's assistant (yup, inexpensive) lives around the corner. I am quite content in this are. Good, working class people that take care of each other and mostly mind their own business. * the 600k room is larger and far more luxurious than the new condos just bult across the street iwth modern architecture rather than "Thai 90's expansion era architecture." Those meager 20 meter rooms are 2 million. Seriously? Tell me where you can have even a new condo with as nice of upgrades as the 600k room for less than 4 million. * no, I can't just move to the 600k room. it is not for rent and I do not qualify for a loan - the owner is not interested in the math entertainment of financing it himself.
  3. Normally I too agree with you both. What I didn't point out is that with Parkinson's the home becomes a tool to help manage your care. It takes a lot of time and expense to do that. The owner gave me permission to install things, for example, with the agreement I get to take them with me and leave the room as it was when I moved in. To them the water damage the old and broken AC unit caused to furniture is my fault. Normal war and tear? My fault, not normal wear and tear. The financial and time cost to move is very high plus I am heading to New York for a an invasive surgery next week and am facinga 6 week recovery - bad timing. I could seriously care less about 500 baht, guys, lets be real. I can't even get a new contract so it is month to month and I never know when I will lose my home with only 5 days notice becasue they are bound by no laws. Let us not forget... no matter where I move TiT as someone so eloqently pointed out. Do you really think the next landlord will be any better whatsoever? Better the devil you know.
  4. Good point. I realize that less than 5 properties the laws are skewed toward their favor, as it should be, really. At the same time a contract is enforceable. Unless I have a valid contract I can not register with Bangkok immigration and must use an agency. Immigration actually sent me an email explaining that I must be able to show hotel receipts, VALID rental contract, or my name in someone''s blue book. That without it I am "homeless". I reallly don't think it is unreasonable to ask for a contract. Let me show you her son's idea of a new contract. Don't like it, leave. Either the guy wants the room for himself is just power trippin.
  5. I am not sure where my stance is at the moment, so since ur with me want to clarify where we are? 😄 ROFL... one of the things I have learned here is, "So what?" Language: !0000% pretend to be respectful and never make it seem like accusing, even if you must lie about the situation and if they don't get the hint? So what? It costs money or physical threat to compel people to do things. This is the culture. It is for a reason that works for them as much as enforced codependency does in the Philippines. Are they happy inside? Not many. How many? I'd wager more than in the West 😉 Maybe my question should be, "How do I 'phrase a Carnegie to them?' Meaning, explain, 'Well, you can ask that of me. Let's look at how that benefits us both... so would you like me to keep paying your bills or do you have someone waiting who will pay that high of a price - because I'm here for the fine service that i enjoy, but if you can make more money without me, it is not right for me to stand in your way." You see, that does not work here. Face is more important here. They literally, by all that they are as a Thai and their family's child, their cultural upbringing must stand firm. Anything else is a loss of face (this is what my wife and business partner tell me...) It is not reasonable compromise of two winners and mutual benefit. I just eloquently shamed them beyond any format they have ever witnessed or felt. They KNOW all the facts in the Carnegie speech. They made a choice to GAMBLE. It is a game of chicken. "Will the falang cave for convenience and 500 bath isn't even one meal for him (and for me is 4 days.) Probably. Will I continue to care about and respect them? Hand me their coffee cup, I will refill it.
  6. Not so easy living alone with Parkinson's and a surgery scheduled some time in the next 2 -6 weeks. I really don't care about 500 baht, I just want to follow the laws.
  7. Lease expired 3 years ago. Now they want more per month. I am already paying more than other rooms rent for and those are remodeled. I don't think the owner's son cares much about mom (I mean that protectively of her.) She is too old to manage things. Rooms here sire empty for YEARS. She can't pay the taxes and HOA and things without me and we have a mutual understanding. I offered to buy it above market if she carries. She sees how smart that is. Income, no taxes, not HOA, if I leave early she keeps the money and the room - simple. Son? NOPE! Add another 110k or move out. OK. I have no issue paying an extra 500 a month for the convenience of not needing to move with my Parkinson's disease and a surgery coming up and living alone. No worries in any way except one. I will follow the laws and have a lawful contract or I am not leaving and I am not paying more. There is no enforceable contract. The old contract has no precisions for termination. I've lived here 3 years... My lawyer wants have a field day... sigh. Chill dude. Anyone know the REAL laws of this rental situation of expired contract that does not lawfully follow 2018 L&T laws? I find it quite humorous other than how the mother is being used.
  8. Let's face it. Every culture is different and we don't immediately see why people may do what they do. We try not to judge more than to say if that value is a principal we want in our own thinking or way of life or not. That said, it is always nice to understand. Take properties that sit empty for years. In my condo unit built in the'90's where few people have a reason to live unless they work near here or family, rooms sit empty for years unsold yet for a small reduction can be sold quickly for way more than they owe the bank (easy to see the default notices on the door.) Other rooms are rentals - they sit for years because the owner has a dingy, never remodeled, old aircon, bad wiring unit but want the rental price of the many available remodeled rooms. They are quite content with is no income, pay the taxes and HOA situation. My own landlord wants 500 more a month. No big deal. Unlawful the way she is asking based on 2018 laws, but that is another thread. She would rather I move out. I am paying over market because the room had furnishing, I was fresh out of the hostpital and it was near my nurse. They know and I know that the 500 baht means little to me. What does matter to me is their feeling their belief they can walk in any time unannounced an almost break the door down kicking it in because they want to see me. It bothers me that they refused to file with Immigration and I had to pay 30k for a visa agency instead of 1.9k. It bothers me that I find out the lease did not comply with 2018 laws and almost all they think they can do is unlawful. Do they care if I move out and the room is empty? The mother is already behind in taxes and HOA. Not a concern in the world that I am already paying 1000 over market. I pay on time, I improve the room and will take all improvements with me if they force my hand - I have the chat messages pre-approving my changes and I take them with me when I leave. Faced with their financial situation, as a Westerner, I am asking myself, "Is this a game of chicken?" If so, they will lose. See-yea! I'll be next door in the newly remodeled luxury room at the new price wanted for this room. Or, Hmmm... here's a thought. How about I have Siam Legal enforce the 2018 laws of notice of increase when a contract is expired? Alas... as I get older battles to prove a point have no meaning any more. See-ya. I offered to buy the room since she is having difficulties paying taxes and ongoing maintenance at her old age. She likes that idea. the laughter I tried not not let out in her presence was the insistence she will not take less than 650k. Unmodeled it is worth 460k. Remodeled to incredible luxury next to me is listed at 600k. They will not come down and it has sat for 4 years. A mutual friend says she will lose the property to the government (or bank? her English is not great) soon, More is the pity. I am going to need to move anyway. The owner owes less than 200k - I had to get all of this info to do Immigration papers on her behalf. I am befuddled. Please don't say this is pride and face is it? Surely the Asian long term perspective is the real reason, but in the face of profit or none; take the money or lose the property to default... there is no long term planning. I would like to understand though. Any facts out there, not judgments? Cheers all!
  9. That's agreat dolution for those that can get back to their native land. It's only a few of unable to travel due to health. Thankyou again for all the input. i wil bail outof this topic.. gonna be in the hospital a few days.
  10. I missed the ovrseas part. I am going on a week of sleep deprivation. Apologies and thanks fo finding that. USA has just announced all Social Security sent to thailand will be via citbank and bahtnet, so, yeah, if you can tell the community how you who receive your payments that way get the right documents I am sure we Yanks will be appreciatve.
  11. That's great! Too bad SSA has announced that the Bahtnet system will be used for everyone now and Immigration has ZERO clear cut rules nor does it say the money must come from overseas. iimmi.d1.non.oz AT gmail.com: cc complain.kk2A T gmail.com "For the 1 year Retirement visa , must have bank statements of commercial banks located in Thailand. Past 12 months. Details according to the attached document. Best Regards." (PDF attached) fbu.manila AT ssa.gov: "Thank you for your email. Since you are using a bank in Thailand, your benefit goes to a processor bank in your case is the Citibank Bangkok. All benefits that are being deposited in a local bank will go thru a processor bank before the benefits will be deposited in the local bank account. If you do not want this delay, you may use a U.S. bank account." YOU figure this out. I am going to pay $1k per year and avoid the hassle, thanks บั้นปลาย 242 PDF.pdf
  12. My apologies.. I was so focused on other things I didn't think of that!
  13. OK .I believe that, though if true then why are most people adamant that reports must be ordered at least 7 days in advance? 😃
  14. To all, I want to thank you for the encouragement and excellent advice. A substantial number of you have PM'd me to ask the end result, so I am posting this last message. In then end none of the advice panned out. The bahtnet system is valid and ok to do, but since neither immigration really knows about it (or cares, their job is to see if YOU have proof) and the head quarters of Bangkok Bank is NOT a shopping ground for custom reports nor our servants, the best I could get was 12 of what I posted before and the letter of account status that costs 100 baht. The bank advised me only Citibank can print what immigration really wants, but I don't have an account there that those payments pass through so they doubt Citibank will print for me. Many people reported how they got 1-off letters and other ways to prove, and in the end that is proof so Immigration has to be able to definitively say it is NOT evidence of income - if they can't, they must take it. This is the nature of law (yes, I have a law degree and many of my Thai friends are lawyers.) Given that basic nature of legal vs. lawful and the fact that others had unique formats of proof, there is good chance my 12 copies that clearly say the Bahtnet is a result of an FTT, I was willing to go in and try. The problem is other circumstances bit me at the critcal hour. I tried to renew last month, the recalcitrant owners of my room refused to do the TM.30 and I ran out of time. I am not in a health condition to "bounce" to the border if my renewal was denied and the visa expired today. I used my familiar agency. No one to my knowledge has posted here how they proved the income using Bahtnet. If they have, please take their advice. I emailed FBU.manila (our SSA office for Thailand asking for direct deposit again. Their response was that ALL people who get SSA payments get bahtnet. I know this to be wrong. Fill out a SS direct deposit form musing the SWIFT code of NYC branch and your account number. NYC converts to baht at the going rate, adds on 150 baht fee, and puts in your account to be used at any BKB or ATM. THIS methos is directly put on your statements as an FTT. I advise using this method since reporting is simple and well known. I also recommend if you are in Bangkok go to Siam Paragon and ask for Su at the Western Union counter. Literally, she bangs out the whole thing in 10 minutes. How? She has been doing the job longer than I have been in Thailand and that is a long time. Conclusion: I do not know what is acceptable to Immigration for Bahtnet based on FTT. YMMV? No. Your mileage WILL vary depending on what officer you get and what Immigration office you go to - call 1111 and they will tell you that even for FTT they can not dictate exactly what is required as there is no written rule. They can only advise, are open 24 hours, you get an officer in less then 30 seconds when you call, and they are more than happy to talk to bank for you. Personally, I am going to save myself the trouble and do an actual SS DD form so it shows up as an FTT next year. There is no point in getting upset about any of this. This is common legal vs lawful nature of government and society. Until a law is written that that mandates a format, any format that shows it is from a foreing source is, by definition legal and lawful. If you do not understand the difference between legal and lawful, please educate yourself with a simple Google search - it will enlighten you and, yes, Thailand is an exception to the rule (legal things go on all the time that are unlawful and that should never happen.) So be it. I do not judge a culture any more than to decide if it is good for me or not. Not my place to say what they do is good or bad, I recognize they do it for a good reason they feel is valid. Good luck all and thank you ever so much for all of the kind words and support! That is what we are here for 😉
  15. That SWIFT code is actually to NYC, but symantics. I went in last month to ensure that my deposits were all ok and eligible for the print out and was told they are. Was told that the old way of circumventing the 2-accounts is no longer available because we tell SSA once year in a form that we are alive. I was told, and Su still says now, come in the day before, "I can print them in 10 minutes." She was prepared to do that for me when she discovered that the Fed was sending to Citibank and her bank was getting a Bahtnet. With hope based on optimistic evidence I did what I could based on what I was told. Why didn't I do it sooner? I was also told that Immiration wants the bank letter to be dated the day before coming to renew the Retirement visa. I woud have done that last minth, but my recalitrant landlord's children (she is over 80) spent more time literally bashing the monarchary and their government and that they are above the law. hey would not do the TM.30 nor give me the papers to do it. I finally got the bluebook from the old woman and in 4 minutes online did it for them. Their fine for not doing it in 25 hours and spending 6 weeks? 800 baht. That said, check my next post.
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