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  1. when you read the full article it seems pretty obvious that the owner of the land is miffed that she wouldn't share the cost of buying the land and has placed this there on purpose. If I was the homeowner this wouldn't concern me in the least as I would accidently reverse into it many times and just a few more to make sure
  2. All of these behemoth department stores are dying out as high streets become barren wastelands full of pound shops, pawn shops, the homeless and the cash only poor people. You can thank your lucky stars that you still have department stores in Thailand to wander around in and can browse fairly safely without being accosted for 'spare change' as soon as you step out the door. Unless this is just an expensive way to rebrand central I can't see why any company could benefit from purchasing a now defunct department store chain. I doubt the new generation even know what Selfridges is
  3. disgusting sick little pervert, let's hope he ends up receiving a bit of head from the girls father.
  4. Not always the wisest action....I know of someone who handed over CCTV footage from his house camera to assist with his claim for theft of his car, they noticed that when the criminals used their laptop his lights didn't flash and then refused to pay saying he had left his car unlocked.....insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying out, even though it would have made no difference had his car been locked or not, give them additional stuff at your own peril
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