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  1. I guess you believe all those people in Congress whining on and on with their ‘vaccines are the chains of slavery’ or some such nonsense have not themselves been vaccinated. As Biden pointed out when he announced his welcome mandate, lots of businesses were already mandating vaccines for those working in their premises - including FOX News. Which explains why Carlson was whiny on about his objections to the mere question of vaccination status.
  2. This has got to be hurting UK colleges and universities. The party of business has lost it’s way.
  3. The question you should be asking is, if you have so many doubts over the vaccine why are you taking it? Or is this another example of not minding consequences of this disease being visited on others so long as Jack’s alright?
  4. It’s not a case of appealing to the logic of anti-vaxxers, as you rightly point out they simply line up the next nonsense. Rather it’s about exposing and challenging their misinformation and outright falsehoods. This particular sub forum is a very important source of information for expats seeking information on the here to get vaccines and other expat related COVID questions. It is important that the anti vaxxer misinformation and falsehoods are not left unchallenged.
  5. Yes 49% effective at preventing infection. And for those who are vaccinated but nevertheless get infected, they are significantly less likely to become seriously ill, hospitalized or die from COVID. Your simplified 49% fails to address this. Now let’s be having your evidence that those who are vaccinated are not at a significantly reduced risk of becoming seriously ill, hospitalized or dying from COVID?! Show us your evidence!
  6. Because I’ve commented on it numerous times, and exposed by calculation the fallacy in the claims anti-vaxxers are making. People who are vaccinated getting mildly ill v those who are not vaccinated becoming seriously ill, hospitalized and dying are all examples of ‘COVID’ cases. They look like the same thing until you examine the data. FACT: People who are vaccinated are at significantly lower risk of becoming seriously ill, hospitalized or dying from COVID. If you have any data to dispute that fact, let’s be having it?!
  7. We’ll there you go again, misrepresenting the facts. Israel’s experience with the Delta variant is that those are vaccinated are very much less likely to become seriously ill, hospitalized or die from the disease than those who are not vaccinated. Your 49% is a simplification of this fact. Go look at the data for people who are not vaccinated.
  8. Again you refer to Israel, which presents data supporting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Why not flip to the other end of the vaccine uptake scale and see how Idaho, Florida and other places run by anti-vaxxers are managing?! The mass cases of serious illness, hospitals swamped with unvaccinated people suffering COVID and unvaccinated people dying at an alarming rate is evidence you choose to ignore.
  9. The data from Israel is consistent with data from elsewhere around the world. The unvaccinated are at significantly higher risk of serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID. Israel’s data confirms vaccines are safe and effective.
  10. I suggest you spend sometime looking into who gets sent to prison in Thailand and who does not. Guilt or innocence, or even the existence of a crime/victim plays only a small part in the matter.
  11. Here we go again. OPENVAERS.COM is a private Anti-Vaccine organization recognized for its efforts in scare mongering and the miss representation of data from the official VAERS database. The people behind and funding of this misinformation organization attempt to remain hidden, though thankfully the press are on the case. https://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Bay-Area-woman-openers-site-covid-vaccines-16383086.php https://www.logically.ai/articles/california-woman-anti-vax-site-openvaers OPENVAERS.com is an anti-vaccin
  12. How’s about starting a thread on the efficacy of eating nuts and berries in the fight against COVID. Meanwhile, you’ve argued here for natural immunity based on ‘statistics’ that ignore serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths. And you aren’t able to produce any data to refute the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths.
  13. If you ever get to attend any stats classes, press the tutor to explain ‘population sampling’ to you.
  14. I thought we were having a rational discussion. Acquiring sufficient natural immunity within a population to defeat this virus would result in overloading health services and death rates very much higher than currently experienced. The rest of your post is off topic, though perhaps illuminating.
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