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  1. Is curfew going to last until that time too? Any updates there?
  2. Restaurant or private meal prepper? I love an Indian dish called Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower and Potatos). An Indian restaurant serves a dish for 150 baht, I have not been able to find cheaper. Alternatively I have thought of hiring a thai lady to make it, which of course would require a trial and error phase at my house. Just curious if anyone else has looked into some meal prep outsourcing and what your thoughts were. I lean towards the restaurant on the hope that buying a week's worth will cut the price from $30 to maybe $30 or so (1,000 baht)
  3. I can see some foreigners finding $40k/year jobs in Thailand. $80k/yr on the other hand is 2.6m thb/yr. There are high level jobs in most fields that reach/exceed that number. But not a lot in a country with a $7,000/yr GDP/capita.
  4. New rules are 10 years stay, no 90 day reports. Attractive income tax structure and outright land ownership. Must make 40k USD/year or own $250k gov bonds or real estate. https://www.pattayamail.com/latestnews/news/thailands-new-rules-for-retiree-visas-sound-alarm-bells-371948 Do you guys think those on the current retirement visa scheme will be grandfathered? If so, for how long?
  5. Pattaya to Ban Phe is 82 km with toll rds. So maybe longer on surface roads. Questions for the e-bikers: 1) Would you rate this type of trip on a $1,300 e-bike very doable? Or on the extreme side? I'm guessing it may take 4 hours or so. If there are many hills perhaps longer. I am well conditioned as a runner but cycling is new to me beyond trips around town on a fixed gear non-e-bike. 2) The hills of Koh Samet are steep. Can ebikes still take most hills or should I expect to walk them? Any other advice on this type of trip is welcome, thanks
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