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  1. Good to know, thanks. Does it matter that I haven't left the country in 2+ years? I've been year effectively for 7 years, initially doing border runs for ED visas, then switching to a Volunteer visa and renewing it without leaving the country.
  2. Not sure to be honest, my old language school handled the paperwork for me.
  3. Not sure, I will probably take this trip in November or December after things have loosened up a bit though
  4. Hi, when I travel to Phnom Penh from Bangkok I would like to return by land border. What options are available? Poipet is not a good option but any others are.
  5. Thinking of going to Phnom Penh for a week or so. I'm about to get my 2nd 1 year volunteer visa. To come back to Thailand, do I just need a re-entry stamp from immigration before I go to Cambodia?
  6. I recently had a work laptop sent from my new US employer to my Thai address via Fedex. Thai customs is holding it and will call me to ask about it and what I do (I'm a web developer). Anyone else go through this process? What documents might they request? The local office said to wait for their call.
  7. Restaurant or private meal prepper? I love an Indian dish called Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower and Potatos). An Indian restaurant serves a dish for 150 baht, I have not been able to find cheaper. Alternatively I have thought of hiring a thai lady to make it, which of course would require a trial and error phase at my house. Just curious if anyone else has looked into some meal prep outsourcing and what your thoughts were. I lean towards the restaurant on the hope that buying a week's worth will cut the price from $30 to maybe $30 or so (1,000 baht)
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