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  1. Yes travel in these times is at your own risk for sure, but I'd be interested to know as well what I would be facing. Not to complain about it, just so I'd know what to expect in case I'm unlucky.
  2. Yes, Wise can be both good and frustrating. Sometimes instant, sometimes "we need more time to process your transfer". As for your notes, this has always been an issue so I inspect the notes in the UK first to make sure they are unmarked and in good condition. Only option now seems to be for you to find another expat who is returning to the UK to exchange with.
  3. Cigna provided such a letter for me, to accompany the normal certificate, others may do as well
  4. Yeah, I've done that once, it was OK. Plus I bought my ticket for December all the way back in June, and although I'd hoped for some relaxation, it was possible that a 14-day quarantine would still to be in effect. I do think 14 days is too long though, 7-10 takes away most of the risk.
  5. They should have just stuck to the Test & Go one night hotel stay and PCR test. I don't think it is too much to ask of incoming travellers at all. With the emergence of the new OMICROM variant they may well go back to that anyway. PCR is a much more reliable test, and in my case an overnight stay after a long flight is well appreciated before I take a flight up North the next day. And with a negative PCR, I'm more confident I'm not putting my family at risk. OK, if you live in Bangkok then it may be a bit frustrating I admit, but it is for both your protection and protection for the Thai
  6. Still, for peace of mind that I probably aren't a risk to my family, I'm happy to take a PCR test on arrival anyway.
  7. And I've already got my test and go hotel booking and Thailand pass for late December. I shouldn't have applied so far in advance ! Oh well, considering I was originally expecting a 7-10 day quarantine, it is still a win.
  8. Standard Non-O retirement. It is an annual policy (paid monthly) that had just renewed for another year.
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