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  1. The low rate of vaccine uptake is one of the reasons for the surge. Lockdowns on the way for sure. Mutual activities such as eating and drinking tea together, crowded religious activities and other ceremonies, the low rate of Covid vaccine intake and the proximity to neighbouring Malaysia are some of the causes for the outbreak in the south, the CCSA said. Many active clusters in Pattani were from weddings. https://www.thaienquirer.com/34055/government-to-lock-down-parts-of-southern-provinces/
  2. Can they bring the Lalisa concert forward to celebrate this event?
  3. Notice Karon mentioned a few times, here's a video just a few days old giving the real picture and its a depressing watch.
  4. Its a pity the CCSA only approved the ordering of 50,000. Only a game changer if you have some.
  5. The bottom 10, still a very long way to go https://covidtracker-th.netlify.app/
  6. Just looking at the top 10 Provinces vaccination rates, this was updated yesterday. Bangkok nearly at 70%, thats with a population estimate of 7.7 million. https://covidtracker-th.netlify.app/
  7. Fire sale, maybe part of that dodgy lot they bought from China
  8. PCR test positive cases, total of 10,111 official new infections, with 41 of those from prison and 10,070 from the community. 63 official covid deaths recorded. Rapid tests positive cases, 1,700 bringing the unofficial total to 11,811 https://ddc.moph.go.th/covid19-dashboard/ Rolling 7 day average (up to 16th Oct) which includes prison cases and bar chart of community cases from daily official announcements. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/thailand
  9. I think you'll find for covid related treatment, its all free in the UK for everyone although for other treatment outside of A&E then you may well have to pay. Overseas visitors to England, including anyone living in the UK without permission, will not be charged for: 1. testing for coronavirus (even if the test shows you do not have coronavirus) 2. treatment for coronavirus – including for a related problem that affects some children called multisystem inflammatory syndrome 3. vaccination against coronavirus 4. No immigration checks are needed.
  10. Where exactly do you live in the UK. Certainly where I know of you can get a walk in appointment at the G.P. within 5 days, if its an emergency the same day, or if you prefer you can have an online consultation. That's in Enfield North London, Bath and Newquay in Cornwall where my daughter is a nurse.
  11. The NHS has never been petfect but its also served the UK people far more than many countries. The effects of the pandemic have increased the problems, no surprise there. I have nothing but gratitude for how they have treated me when I was there and all my family who are still there.
  12. A link in the UK from May with hospitals in stress because of covid. Would you like some links to hospitals that were closed, full and ICU's in triage from Thailand just a few weeks ago.
  13. Southern border Provinces (orange) now clearly overtaken Bangkok in case numbers with 23% of all cases throughout the country. The other 67 Provinces (green) also not declining, 60% of all cases. https://media.thaigov.go.th/uploads/public_img/source/171064.pdf
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