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  1. Plenty mainly those who used to work in the massage industry and now use Tinder those who have stayed have told me I make a mean breakfast it’s very simple open a packet of mama noodles and place a couple of fried eggs on the top
  2. Why is it always as far as your concerned old people who come looking for there hole if the bars aren’t open then there who t ge any bar girls it appears you have a very negative attitude towards the older generation of which I am one of them and if I want a bit of female company I don’t do the bars I use Tinder of which I currently have 33 likes
  3. One set of complete dentures I suffer with acid reflux which causes me to throw up if I have a full set of dentures The only way to get around this is not to have a top palette and to have similar to the bottom where the denture fits on your gum
  4. Stay away from it a friend of mine has just been scammed in the last month to them value of $75,000 which has effected her financially big time
  5. I see another u turn coming from the PM countries such as the U.K. are seeing a purge in a new wave Russia has gone into complete lockdown for 11 days due to over a 1,000 deaths a day
  6. They need to bring there prices down I have been quoted 700,000 + baht for all on 4 dentures I could get it cheaper in the U.K. which is what I am planning to do once I am confident enough that I will be able to return to Thailand without all these stupid restrictions
  7. There will be more staff at the airport than tourists to much flip flopping by this incompetent administration the only so called tourists arriving will be the long term expats who got stuck due to Covid unless they open up bars and entertainment venues as well as ending the night time curfew tourists will choose more favourable countries .
  8. The guy next to me has bought a cockerel that’s bad enough but a disco no thanks I think I would be paying a few policemen to pay him a visit
  9. Good luck and a safe trip make sure you have plenty of winter clothes speaking to my sister last night she told me it’s gone very cold in the last few days
  10. The grand opening on Monday 1st November which is less than two weeks away ain’t going to happen just like the October 120 day opening promised by our illustrious Leader
  11. I had 2AZ vaccines with no issues , mixing vaccines is not recommended as it’s untested especially with the Sinovac maybe that’s why your mrs was ill . I hope she has now fully recovered
  12. Booster shots yet there are millions still waiting for there first vaccine maybe they will inject themselves with what’s left of the Sinovac somehow I doubt it that’s only for what they see as the low life’s of society
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