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  1. Don Mueang expects 10.000 arrivals per Day. Lol. What are they smoking? Or another broken calculator? How many people have arrived through the praised Phuket sandbox? Around 300 per day maybe...
  2. Apart from MG. Great Wall Motor (GWM) Haval H6 SUV is currently the best selling car according to DLT statistics. Soon to be released Ora Good Cat the first affordable sedan EV in Thailand. Watch it, it will selling like hot cakes. Especially since it has received good reviews worldwide
  3. High center of gravity vs. Thai Engineering and driving skills came instantly to my mind
  4. Still wondering how they want to guide incoming tourists at the airports? And why they don't offer a PCR test right after arrival? Barrow wrote something that you'll have to take a hotel limousine to the testing location. Probably also the same from the airport to your hotel. As of now, absolutely unclear procedure and just ten days left for 1st November. Nightmare for incoming tourists I would say
  5. Never seen so many cars overturn and land on the roof as in Thailand? Anyone agree? I was fire rescue volunteer at home for more than 10 years and hardly saw cars overturned. Mostly collisions by side or front or simply just skid off the road...
  6. Wait until he goes bankrupt. In the current economical climate shouldn't take much long. Thais don't have a business plan or plan B if something not working out. So the problem might resolve by itself before you move into your new house.
  7. Doi Angkhang is great. I was there pre-covid and the national park administration had a fantastic restaurant and renting out nice bungalows.
  8. Can't believe you guys are still feeding this troll... He clearly has no idea about the worldwide automotive industry and just wants to spread some anti-chinese propaganda and hatred.
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