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  1. I read 'resort' as 'escort', and got confused when I got to the part about the pool. Can we stiay on topic so us old 'uns can keep up?
  2. Soi 11 had become the main Bangkok bar and clubs area pre-COVID, so that would be a good starting point once the bars re-open.
  3. All the 'Artist' bars closed well before COVID. Mojo's and the The Office too.
  4. You are talking about all bars that happen to have available girls in them - but go-go bars are a specific sub-set. Stage, chrome poles, lively music, disco lights, bikinis with numbered badges. The origin of the go-go bar was the Vietnam War era, US troops in Pattaya and Bangkok on R&R. That type of bar is a sun-set industry. Yes, bars with girls will be around forever, but I didn't think that was the subject of this thread?
  5. The girl-bar scene had been contracting before COVID. Bangkok's Soi 33 bars all died before COVID and Soi 22 was also fading. Patpong had been struggling too, and although Cowboy was still busy - it's a very small street so the business was concentrated on a few popular bars. The European and US expats are a reducing population due to their advanced age profile and the changing nature of foreign businesses - causing a move to ex-pats from China, Korea and Japan. The profile of tourists also shifted with more coming from China and India due to changing economic fortunes.
  6. Neither. Both smell bad and are selfish, anti-social activities for people who need an addiction..
  7. Not really. That's like saying cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines are different and competing industries. Different, yes, but complimentary rather than competing, and all catering to addictive personalities. One can lead to the other, same as vaping and smoking.
  8. I wonder how much he was paid to trot out the lobbying messages of the vape and tobacco industry?
  9. 1. Yes Minister (Applies to any countries government) 2. Black Adder (that last episode!) 3. Kingdom (Korean Historical Zombie epic) 4. Thunderbirds (of course) 5. MASH (timeless) I considered Baywatch, but bouncing boobs are not quite enough to make the cut.
  10. The Missus in Big C last week. Although I saw her getting dressed in the morning, and know for sure she has denim shorts on ..... my imagination tells me something different.
  11. Not really any major taboo colors. The white funeral bouquets are specially made and are often paper - so real white flowers in a normal display are not a problem. It's more about having the right mix of colors for the occasion. For hospital visits, a mix of bright colors; pink, yellow, red. For relatives, classy, complimentary colors in a nice display, Valentine's is of course all red.
  12. So Brunei has about the same population as Phuket ..... are we supposed to be impressed?
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