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  1. That's the 1st sign that you're going to get the "I'm sorry, our budget can't afford to renew your contract for next year..." speech. Also, do you have a copy of your original and current contracts? Another thing that happens at Thai schools is, they rewrite the conditions and terms pages so it only shows you were on 6 month renewals. (happened to me)
  2. you could always try withdrawing 1/2 of each double payment and then deposit it in the 2 months you get nothing. they only look at the deposits.
  3. Egypt would be perfect for you 'Gam" because "DENILE" would truly be a river outside your front door.
  4. Egypt would be perfect for you 'Gam" because "DENILE" would truly be a river outside your front door.
  5. Because ALL of the politicians and rich people own shares of the alcohol business and only a few own shares in the weed business.
  6. Because 24 months of business is worth more than 30 minutes of business?
  7. Aren't ALL emotions reactive in nature? By definition they couldn't occur before applied stimuli.
  8. If you've got a car, I'd recommend driving the eastern and western edges of outer ring road - lots of little "burgs" and housing villages with local amenities. Spend a few weekends and see if something strikes your fancy.
  9. No Economics Majors in here I see. No, it makes no "cents" for the mom and pop shops as they would only earn around 500THB a year (assuming a 2000+ item turn around) but for the mass volume dealers like Tesco, BigC, etc. it generates millions in yearly revenue with no additional cash outlay. It's the way of the future - there's also "Shrinkflation" in which your 5oz item for 5THB is now packaged at 4.5oz for 6THB.
  10. Give this site a look (may need to dumb it down for the lecturers at the Tech Uni) https://www.kanan.co/blog/sop-format/
  11. click the links and ask. I've heard of coverage ranging from 40k-80k THB a year. Seems a better use of of the 3m-10m THB sitting in a Thai (or other) bank when you could die at any time. Eat, drink, party and be merry for you might not wake up tomorrow.
  12. A 10 second google search: https://www.axa.co.th/en/international-exclusive https://www.thailand-health-insurance.com/coverage/pre-existing/ https://ten-pac.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-health-insurance-in-thailand/ etc. all cover pre-existing conditions and are in Thailand.
  13. Thai service is not "abysmal", it's Thai. Get used to it.
  14. When she visits, have her go to the bank and set up (install) their mobile app so if it ever happens again she can transfer it back using her phone. I do it all the time with my Thai phone.
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